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Cody Rhodes wants to regain the Eagle-Winged title

Cody Rhodes wants to regain the Eagle-Winged title

Last Sunday, on the second night of WrestleMania XL, Cody Rhodes ended his story by defeating Roman Reigns to win the undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

During an appearance on WWE commentator Pat McAfee's show, “The American Nightmare” spoke about a possible change in… design From your address:

The side panels have not been changed yet. The “tribal leader” paintings still exist. There are some things we must do.

That's what I've got in the ring, so there's a level of experience in that heritage that's been put into it that makes me feel really good. Today I feel different.

However, however, I changed the address earlier. I'm not in charge of anything, and I'm no longer Executive Vice President. I don't have any other path but to be the champion, but I think it would be special, maybe, to see a certain title, which is the title I grew up with.

It is the “winged eagle”. Again, I'm not responsible for anything, Triple H is, but trust me, “Eagle-Winged Nickname.” If it doesn't, don't get mad at me.

I'll do what I did last time. I will try my best.

Would you like WWE to make this change to Cody Rhodes' new title?

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