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Cody Rhodes wins the undisputed WWE Championship

Cody Rhodes wins the undisputed WWE Championship

This Sunday, on the second night of WrestleMania XL, Cody Rhodes ended his story, defeating Roman Reigns in a Dynasty Rules match and winning the undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The Rock returned to WWE this year, but Cody Rhodes didn't want to give him his spot at WrestleMania XL, parlaying his winning streak into the men's Royal Rumble match to once again fight for the World Title.

A year later, “The Chieftain” and “American Nightmare” faced each other again in… The main event from WrestleMania, but this time had special rules, as a result of the tag team match the night before.

On the first night of WrestleMania XL, The Rock and Roman Reigns defeated Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, making this Title match A Dynasty Rules match, where almost anything happened.

Despite some wear, both competitors showed a faster pace than on the first night of the event. Some weapons were introduced and events also took place among the audience.

After some dominance, Roman Reigns applied A.J Low blow He is Powerbomb At Cody Rhodes at the commentary table, and then A.J Superman punch In the middle of the ring, but that was not enough to achieve victory.

“American Nightmare” came close to winning by a margin Cody Cutter that it Spear. Then apply A Cross RhodesWhen he was about to apply the second option, Jimmy Uso appeared, but was sent down by Jey Uso and with him spot in platform.

Opportunities to win followed and despair took hold of both fighters, as Cody Rhodes made Roman Reigns cross the protective barrier outside the ring.

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After that, Cody Rhodes was able to provide two goals Cross Rhodes On his opponent, but the third was saved by Solo Sekoa, who advanced like last year It's risingbut its effect is minimal, just as A Spear That followed.

With some surprise, John Cena appeared to apply a Behavior Modification In “Tribal Chief”, even sending Solo Sikoa with Behavior Modification At the commentators' table.

But the 16x World Champion, in turn, was interrupted and confronted by The Rock in the middle of the ring, and he ended up suffering a heavy blow. rock bottom.

That's when The Shield's song destroyed “Final Boss” was played. Seth Rollins appeared with Let's go Old, but suffered a Superman punch By Roman Reigns.

While The Rock was preparing to punish Cody Rhodes, the bell rang and Undertaker appeared. Send the “Dead Man” “Final Boss” with ChokslamThey both disappeared when the lights went out.

After all this confusion, Roman Reigns' path to victory appears to be open. However, “The Tribal Leader” was more interested in getting revenge on Seth Rollins with a chair shot than retaining the title.

In the end, Cody Rhodes was able to do all three Cross Rhodes To defeat Roman Reigns and end his story by winning the undisputed WWE World Championship.

Roman Reigns' reign as World Champion remains in history, which began 1,316 days ago, at Payback, August 31, 2020.

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After the match, several stars appeared to celebrate the achievement with “American Nightmare”, including Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Jey Uso, LA Knight, Brandi Rhodes, CM Punk, Triple H, and others.

What do you think of this Bloodline Rules match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship? Did you expect Cody Rhodes to win?