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Cohen in Giuliani's search: - - They will be thrown under the bus

Cohen in Giuliani’s search: – – They will be thrown under the bus

New York / Oslo (dagbladet): Federal agents in New York searched the home and office on Wednesday By President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani has been under investigation for several years due to his actions in the United States, his contacts with Ukraine, and possible violations of lobbying legislation. Research must have been done in this regard.

Soon after, try to fall asleep and focus on everything.

“They didn’t want to tell me what they’re looking for in two years,” he told Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program. AP.

He said that the search included seven FBI agents and was unnecessary because he had previously shown his authorities “electronic devices and to talk to them.”

Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello, is also said to have suggested meetings between the investigators and his client, but to no avail. The Associated Press writes that it was possible to have revealed details about the investigation.

It can also be questioned whether the units that Giuliani was said to have offered to abandon have not been repaired and cleared of potential evidence.

Licorice: Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani sweated so much at the press conference that it spread to social media. Video: AP
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– They won’t stop me

Investigators have largely focused on revealing whether Giuliani was pressing the Trump administration in 2019 – on behalf of Ukrainian officials and oligarchs. At the same time, Ukrainians are said to have contributed to Giuliani’s search for unfortunate information about Trump’s political opponents, including then-presidential candidate Biden.

Giuliani is not charged in the case and has denied wrongdoing – although the search warrant was described as an escalation of his investigation by several American Media.

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They indicated that the prosecution searched the house with a lawyer as an exceptional step.

Among other things, computers and cell phones were confiscated from his home and office on Wednesday. According to Giuliani himself, they confiscated “seven or eight electronic devices belonging to me and two others.”

“They will not stop me or arrest me for any false crime,” he said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

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TRUMP: Very unfair

On Thursday, Donald Trump also appeared on the scene and defended his ally, calling him “the greatest mayor in New York history” and a “great patriot.”

Giuliani was mayor of New York from 1994 to 2001.

“It’s very unfair,” Trump said of the research Wednesday to Fox Business.

– Rudy loves this country very much. And he continued: It is horrific enough what happens here with corruption and problems, then they go after Rudy Giuliani.

However, it was Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen who did not support him. He said CNN On the same day he had two things in mind when news of the research broke out:

– The first is that I am no longer the only one. The second is that my parents always said never to belittle others. But, Rudi, I told you. I told you!

In 2018, Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for tax evasion, fraud with campaign money, lying to Congress and paying so-called money to porn star Stormy Daniels to prevent her from speaking about her allegedly. Relationship with Trump.

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– It will be thrown under the bus

Cohen is also not entirely sure that the good relationship between Trump and Giuliani will continue, now that the case is reportedly escalating against him.

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Trump doesn’t care about anyone or anything. Giuliani will be the next to be thrown under the bus. He told CNN that this is exactly what will happen.

When it became known that Cohen wanted to work with a team of letters researcher Robert Mueller investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, and Trump himself might be associated with it, Trump strongly attacked him:

Remember that Cohen only became a “rat” after the FBI did something totally unimaginable and unheard of until they started an illegal witch hunt. They broke into the office of a lawyer, who wrote on Twitter in 2018.

Cohen worked closely with Trump for several years before turning his back on him during Congressional hearings in 2019. There, Cohen described him as an impostor and deceit.

Trump later described Cohen as a “serial liar” for his allegations.

It could turn in the direction of Trump’s circle

When Cohen said Trump’s relationship with Giuliani could change, he was referring to electronic devices that investigators seized on Wednesday. If there is a great deal of material about these things, as happened in Cohen’s case when his property was searched in 2018, it could help direct the investigation into Trump’s inner circle.

What happens is that they may initiate the investigation by looking at things like Ukrainian conversations between Giuliani and Lev Parnas (Ukrainian-born American businessman, associated with Giuliani, journal.anm.) And others. They might find that Jared Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law, NM Newspaper), Don Junior. (Trump’s son, daily newspaper) or someone in Trump’s circle involved.

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We have no idea the implications of that, because Rudy is an idiot. that’s the problem. He drinks so much and behaves in such an irregular manner that one can never know what is on these machines.