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Coinbase: Too low, too late

Coinbase: Too low, too late

Recovery in the crypto market and a positive analyst feedback provided Coinbase’s share with a strong tailwind on Thursday. However, it is too late for the SHAREHOLDER recommendation.

In a recent study, investment firm Wetbush included the role of a crypto exchange operator with a “performance” rating and target 275 price target. Analyst Moshe Kadri will dissolve 20 per cent growth in the company’s share and revenue in the 2022 and 2023 calendar years – estimated conservatively, remember yourself.

The reason: Wealthbush experts believe that cryptocurrencies will continue to grow strongly as an investment and transaction medium and that Coinbase will be increasingly trusted to monetize this trend. The company “is a one-stop shop that enables about 56 million private investors, 8,000 companies and 134,000 ecosystem partners in more than 100 countries to participate in the crypto market,” the study said.

Crypto resume accelerates stocks

In addition to the buy recommendation, Tailwind also offers clear recovery trends in the crypto market. The crash at Bitcoin & Temple on Wednesday plunged Coenbase into deep red and sometimes the stage failed (DER AKTIONÄR report).

Coinbase shares are up more than five percent on Thursday after hitting a new low since it went public in mid-April at $ 208 the previous day. However, the unanimous SHAREHOLDER recommendation from the 17/2021 issue also triggered the stop price. So, short-term recovery in stocks is unfortunately coming too late.

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