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Collection for Polish Field Hospital in Ukraine

Collection for Polish Field Hospital in Ukraine

Faced with the scale of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the Polish Medical Mission continues to send supplies to the hospital facilities operating there, and its staff are working to ensure their operation so that they can save the lives of those in need. One of the most important tasks currently focused on by the Government Museum in Mazdanek is to open a field hospital.

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The field hospital needs more money

Approximately PLN 300,000 is required to start a field hospital – This activity includes the purchase of tents and field furniture, as well as the provision of facilities with basic equipment, medicines and medical equipment. The field hospital will allow us to act in emergencies and respond to the Ukrainian crisis. This is one of the most important tools for providing medical care that we can use in the future, and special assistance can be provided in the event of other conflicts – says Eva Bekorska-Timus, Chairperson of the Polish Medical Mission. .

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To help open a field hospital in Ukraine, the Ziko Foundation for Health donated 200,000 for this purpose. Slodis. In addition, the organization has appealed to private individuals and organizations to donate funds to build a field hospital in order to raise the full amount required for the hospital. Biznes Klub, the first entrepreneur to join the Kraków City Entrepreneurs’ Association, has already joined the campaign by announcing support in the amount of several dozen slots. The Foundation also receives donations from individuals who support the idea of ​​establishing and operating a field hospital in Ukraine. – The mission of our foundation is to protect health and help those in need. We have always pursued this goal among friends and donors who have supported us in their activities. Together with our foundation, we would like to thank all the individuals and organizations who have contributed to the construction of the Field Hospital – says Beta Kimik, a team member of the Zigo for Health Foundation.

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Help the injured and the sick

As Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart explains from the Polish Medical Mission, the organization collects information from representatives of several dozen Ukrainian hospitals that are in constant contact. The healing needs of the people of the country who are being attacked every day are well known. The field hospital will provide additional space for patients as the need for armed conflict and medical assistance increases. This is an important and immediate response to the plight of our neighbors, which can actually save lives.

Money for Polish medical work in Ukraine can be transferred to the PMM account:

Bank Pekao SA, Account No: 62 1240 2294 1111 0000 3718 5444 with reference to Ukraine,
Euro iPhone: PL02 1240 2294 1978 0010 1644 4116
USD IBAN: PL53 1240 4650 1787 0010 7345 2383

Donations to build a field hospital can be made to the Ziko dla Zdrowia Foundation account:
BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA: 52 1750 1048 0000 0000 3369 2487, Enter the password in the transfer title: Field Hospital Donation.