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Colombia: missing children found alive in the jungle

Colombia: missing children found alive in the jungle

MUST BE FOUND: Both the President and the Colombian military shared this photo on their official Twitter accounts. The missing children will appear – one of whom is only 11 months old.

The entire world has followed the search for the four siblings who went missing after a plane crash in the jungle in Colombia on May 1.


Now they have been found alive, reports the Reuters news agency.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro confirmed the news on Monday Twitter.

– the joy of the whole country! The four children who went missing 40 days ago in the Colombian jungle are still alive, the president writes, and attaches a photo from the rescue.

– We did not stop looking for them until the miracle came, the country’s Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter.

Crashed May 1: The wreckage of the plane was found in the woods about two weeks after it crashed.

The President also announced on May 18 that the children had been found alive. At that time he had to retract his statement and apologize.

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The amazing story of the four siblings – a boy and three girls – has received worldwide attention, and there have been many stories about what happened to them.

The youngest of the four is barely a year old, while the other three are four, nine and 13, respectively.

And the Reuters news agency wrote on Saturday evening, Norwegian time, that the four soldiers rescued the four in the south of the country, near the border between the provinces of Caqueta and Guaviari.

This is not far from the place in the Amazon jungle where the plane crashed on May 1 of this year.

The paths in the forest gave hope

It’s been a month and ten days now. The plane, with seven passengers on board, crashed in Guaviare, in the Colombian jungle.

  • Three dead adults were found in the wreckage, but the four children on board disappeared without a trace. Among the dead was the mother of the four children, Magdalena Mokotoi.
  • Since the plane was found, there has been a big search in the Amazon jungle for the four kids. One of them is eleven months old, while the other three are four, nine and 13 years old.
  • Numerous tracks in the forest gave search crews hope that the children were alive. Among other things, a dirty nappy, shoes, a towel and a mobile phone case were found.

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Children from the indigenous Huitoto community, known to live in the remote jungle.

The community develops its hunting, fishing and gathering skills.

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Our ancestors strengthened our hope, and strength prevailed, Indigenous leader Lucho Acosta says in a statement.

He led a group of indigenous people in the area that helped search for the four siblings.

They are found together

The authorities in Colombia have indicated finding the children as a top priority. The search operation was called “Operation Hope”, and specially trained soldiers and tracking dogs participated in the mission.

According to Chief Petro, the four children will receive medical assistance. The president says accordingly CNN He hopes to speak to them on Saturday.

The children must have been included when they were found after 40 days in the woods.

– They were together. They are vulnerable, and we must allow doctors to assess their condition, President Petro told the press on Friday, he wrote to Reuters.

He says, according to the Associated Press, that the four siblings have shown an impressive example of survival skills, and that their story will be written in the history books.