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2022: Very Peri. É a cor que celebra a coragem e a criatividade. Saiba mais sobre esta tonalidade e conheça ainda todas as cores do ano que têm refletido o estado da alma do mundo desde 2020.

Color of the year 2022…

Very Peri 17 – 3938. It is the color that celebrates courage and creativity. Learn more about this color and discover all the colors of the year that have reflected the state of the soul of the world since the year 2000.

a pantone Just launched Color of the Year 2022. It’s Very Peri 17 – 3938, whose characteristics convey a brave presence and stimulation of personal creativity and invention.

“By displaying carefree confidence and a bold curiosity that animates our creative spirit, the curious and intriguing Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri helps embrace this changing landscape of possibilities, opening us up with new insight as we rewrite our lives. A tribute to gratitude for some of the qualities that blue represents.” Complemented by a fresh perspective that resonates today, the color Very Berry puts the future in a new light,” Institut da Coeur Pantone stated in a statement.

The Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri is a symbol of the universal spirit of the moment and the transitional society it is going through. As we emerge from a period of extreme isolation, our perceptions and patterns are changing, with our physical and digital lives merging in new ways. With trends in gaming, the growing popularity of metaverses and the growing artistic community in the digital space, this color demonstrates the fusion of modern life and how color trends manifest in the physical and digital worlds.

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Embracing the qualities of blue but at the same time possessing a red-violet hue, Very Peri exhibits a cheerful attitude and a dynamic presence that encourages creativity, courage and imagination.

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How to choose the color of the year

Each year, in December, Pantone announces what the color of the next year will be and which best represent the spirit of the world. It has been so since 2000. The process of choosing the colors of the year requires careful consideration and analysis of trends.

To make the selection every year, Pantone color experts at the Pantone Color Institute search the world for new color effects. Pantone Color Institute professionals filter what is happening around the world into twelve areas, namely politics, sports, technology, art, fashion, jewelry, economics, travel, industrial design, the automotive world, cinema and entertainment in general.

From here, they determine the color that matches the pulse of the world at the moment and that will influence all areas of activity, from fashion to decoration, from sports to entertainment, from economics to industry. It is intended to influence positively through the characteristics that emanate from it.

“This year’s Pantone Color reflects what’s happening in our global culture, and expresses what people are looking for,” explains Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. About the role of this annual ad, he adds: “This year’s Pantone color has come to mean so much more than what is happening in the world of design. It is truly a reflection of what is needed in our world today.”

See all the colors since 2000 in the gallery at the beginning of the article.