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Comedian Carlos Miguel who was Fininho in "1,2,3" contest passed away - Tv Media

Comedian Carlos Miguel who was Fininho in “1,2,3” contest passed away – Tv Media

Actor Carlos Miguel, the name of the comedy and theater magazine, known as O Fininho, from the old RTP contest “1, 2, 3”, died today, in Santarem, at the age of 77, according to a familiar source. .
The family said Carlos Miguel was taken to Santarem Hospital and died of a long-term illness.

Actor, visual artist, and writer Carlos Miguel has built a career spanning nearly 40 years, mostly on comedy and magazine theaters, especially at Parque Mayer, in Lisbon.

In an interview with RTP, in 2010 bringing it back to theaters in Portugal, which was then uninhabited, Carlos Miguel mentioned that Cesar de Oliveira, Raul Solnado and Filho Gouía’s production of “Lisbon, Tego e Todo” is a favourite.

“Two sessions a day, two years in theaters, at Teatro ABC,” after the first appearance in 1986, the actor recalls.

Carlos Miguel’s journey in the theater began in 1959, at the National Conservatory, at the same time as his first work at the Teatro da Trindade, in a mime show, which he would also study in Paris, with Professor Marcel Marceau.

In the 1960s, it was part of Companhia Lírica and Companhia de Teatro Popular, but made its magazine debut in Empresa Teatral José Miguel, which has been active for 20 years. That was in 1966, in the production of “Short Skirts” by Paulo da Fonseca, Cesar de Oliveira and Rogerio Brasinha.

The success and ease with which she adapted the form dictated her future over the next four decades, during which time some 200 plays, mostly in magazines, and many of them entered “major productions” in the history of “Portuguese musical theatre”, such as “Dish of the Day” and “Peppers” On the tongue ‘and’ Ora bolas p’ró Pagode’ and ‘Shut up! … ”, a censored challenge in the last years of the dictatorship.

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After April, the magazine theater is still dominant and always: “Lisbon woke up”, “Man, take your broom!” , ‘Oh Batijo, look at the balloon’, ‘Let’s vote’, ‘He who has Ecuador has fear’, and later, the great success he had in his career and perhaps one of the last times he filled Parque Mayer, ‘Lisboa, Tejo e tudo’ Produced by Carlos Santos.

Nevertheless, the actor got into such comedies as “Guinea Pigs”, “The Commons’ Bed”, “What a Fear, Senhor Alfredo!” and “three in (the same) bed”.

His name was a regular presence in commercial theater productions, by entrepreneurs such as Giuseppe Bastos and Vasco Morgado, playing mainly Portuguese authors such as Aníbal Nazari, Augusto Fraga, César de Oliveira, Coelho Jr., Eduardo Damas, José Maria Viana Dionisio, Henrique Santana, Rogério Bracinha, but also Authors such as Claude Magnier and Yves Jamiac.

On stage, he has worked with generations of actors such as Armando Cortez, Camacho Costa, Canto e Castro, Carlos Santos, Fernanda Borsati, Ayo Apolloni, Luis Alberto, Luis Sirqueira, Manuela Maria, Maria Dulce, Maria Laurent, Maremma, Natalina Jose, Vera Monica.

However, it was on television, on a solo show, for about 90 weeks, from March 1984, that Carlos Miguel made his name, with the general public, with more than 40 characters Fininho assumed, session after session, from the competition “1, 2, 3” from RTP1.

Then, in the ’80s and ’90s, there were new works on television, always in comedy – or making use of his comedic style – in series like “Eu Show Nico”, Nicolau Brenner’s “Nico D’Obra”, “Trapos and Company,” Os Andrades “,” The Police “,” The Correct and Badly Paid “,” Family Doctor “.

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His vocal cord cancer, in 1998, kept him away from his profession and from Lisbon, where he was born, to settle in the village of Granho, in Salvatierra de Magos.

He returned to the stage, on schedule, to perform “Don’t Pass From This”, written for Teatro Taborda, in Santarem, and to participate in “Tres in the Same Bed”, in Teatro Azul, for Nuno Miguel Henriques.

However, it was painting, which was part of the course at the Lisbon Higher School of Fine Arts, which he also attended, along with the conservatory, and literature training, that dominated my 23 years without studying theater.

In October 2011, in a conversation with actor José Raposo, at the Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, he expressed himself as “a great defender of the Portuguese theater magazine and actors, especially those forgotten, having done so much for theater in life”.

But for Carlos Miguel, the importance was in culture: “It is the soul of things, without culture there is no future.”

A friend of the actor told Lusa Agency that Carlos Miguel was not a believer. So there will be no funeral ceremonies.

On Sunday, his family will accompany his body to the crematorium in Mary.