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Comedian Richard Lewis dies at the age of 76

Comedian Richard Lewis dies at the age of 76

American comedian Richard Lewis, who participated in the hit series “Curb Your Enthusiasm” in recent years, has died at the age of 76 after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2023, the Hollywood trade press reported.

The actor announced last April that he was diagnosed with this disease and was retiring from comedy, making his final season in the production starring Larry David the eleventh.

“I'm just focusing on writing and acting. I have Parkinson's disease, but I'm under a doctor's care and everything is fine. I love my wife, I love my dog ​​and I love all my friends and fans,” the artist highlighted at the time, in a public statement.

Richard Lewis (New York, 1947), popular in the United States for his television comedy specials, announced his departure from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” three years ago to recover from three surgeries, but he surprised viewers with one operation. Episode in season eleven.

Richard Philip Lewis, full name of the comedian, graduated in Marketing and Corporate Communications from Ohio State University (USA) in 1969, but his passion was comedy, so he combined his work in an advertising agency with writing scripts for the comedian. Morty junty.

In 1971, he decided to tell his own jokes at a popular comedy event in New York, making his name heard in the media, until he got his final “push,” three years later, with “The Tonight Show.” Starring Johnny Carson, on NBC.

From then on, he began perfecting his performances, with the help of other famous comedians such as David Brenner and Robert Klein, who took him on tour to dozens of cities and gained a popularity that accompanied him until his final days to packed houses at places such as Carnegie Hall in New York.

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On television, Lewis also worked on the comedy specials “I'm in Pain” or “The I'm Exhausted Concert” during the 1980s, for which he was nominated as Outstanding Comedian on American Television at the 1988 American Comedy Awards.

In cinema, he had important roles in films such as “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” (1993) and “Leaving Las Vegas” (1995).