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Comet Nishimura continues to shine in the sky and images shared from around the world – Multimedia

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The landscapes of France, Italy, Hungary, Egypt, Mexico, China and the United States, as well as Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, serve as the backdrop for photographs taken by amateur astronomers. Which documents the passage of Comet Nishimura.

The official name is C/2023 P1 and was discovered by Japanese amateur astronomer Hideo Nishimura. On August 12 of this year, when he was photographing the sky with a Canon EOS 6D camera. Last month, it caught the attention of other astronomy enthusiasts, searching for an image of the comet that is expected to approach Earth again after more than 400 years.

AndThis morning, Comet Nishimura reached its closest distance to Earth, at a distance of 125 million kilometersIt can be seen with the naked eye shortly before sunrise, and it is expected to make its closest approach to our solar system’s star on September 17.

Hey C/2023 P1 is A hyperbolic comet, because it moves at high speed and is loaded with a large amount of energy Which is able to move between different solar systems.

See some of the best images shared of Comet Nishimura in the meantime

Some of the images date back to August and have been shared on social media and in the APOD Astronomy Image Project. The latest one is dated yesterday, September 11, 2023.

Since its discovery, the comet has become brighter and brighter It can be seen with the naked eye, but the use of equipment such as binoculars or telescopes can ensure better observation, which will still be possible in the coming days.

Astronomers made calculations for the next passage of the Earth in more than 400 years, but they warned of the possibility of the comet also being destroyed when it approaches the sun, as it will pass less than 27 million kilometers away.

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