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Committee discusses issues related to cancer and men's health - Dorados Agora

Committee discusses issues related to cancer and men’s health – Dorados Agora

Source: Camera News Agency

On Tuesday (8), the Special Committee for the Monitoring of Actions Against Cancer in Brazil will discuss issues related to human health and the integration of new treatment technologies. The session meets the request of the deputies Williton Prado (Pros-MG) And the Silvia Christina (PL-RO)

Williton Prado recalls that November is dedicated to raising awareness about procedures for early diagnosis of prostate cancer, the second most common type in men and the cause of death for about 30% of the male population who develop malignancies. .

“The numbers are frightening, with prostate cancer diagnosed in Brazil every 7 minutes and a man dying every 38 minutes from prostate cancer, according to data from the National Cancer Institute (Inca),” says the MP.

Actress Silvia Cristina would like to discuss the importance of Brazil’s production of biosimilars and the incorporation of new technologies that are modern and effective in treating complex diseases, such as cancer and autoimmune diseases, including at SUS.

The deputy explains that biosimilars are biological medicines that are produced or extracted from living organisms through biotechnological processes. They are, in general, proteins, large molecules, of high complexity and fundamentally different from synthetic molecules, which are much smaller and simpler.

Among the invitees:
– Coordinator of Men’s Health at the Ministry of Health, Fernando Pessoa de Albuquerque;
– the representative of the Pan American Health Organization, Socorro Gros Galliano;
– oncologist Igor Morbek; And the
Ana Cristina Pinho Pereira, Director of the National Cancer Institute.

The meeting will take place at 9 am, in plenary 8.

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