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Communicators and researchers meet this Wednesday at the Fala Ciência

Communicators and researchers meet this Wednesday at the Fala Ciência

The Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF), member of the Minas Gerais Science Communication Network (RMCC), announces the 12th edition of the Fala Ciência, an event dedicated to discussing and deepening topics related to science communication. The initiative will be implemented in a hybrid format on Wednesday, November 29 and will be broadcast Directly on YouTubefrom 2 p.m., allowing broad access to the interested public.

This year’s event highlights discussions around funding for public scholarly publishing and media delivery methods in the production of scholarly content. Through a series of lectures scheduled for the afternoon, Fala Ciência aims to provide a comprehensive and critical view of the current challenges faced by professionals in the field.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the opening session will be chaired by the coordinators of Rede Mineira de Divulgação Científica, who will provide an overview of the network’s activities and objectives. Then, at 2:15 p.m., the project’s sub-coordinator spoke.Wow, tell me?!”, which focuses on science communication conducted in Minas Gerais, Juliana Fidosi will discuss the nuances of funding public science communication.

At 3 p.m., journalist Tuani Alves, who specializes in digital communication and scientific publishing, will share techniques and tips for creating impactful videos in scientific publishing. Through a career that combines theory and practice, Alves offers a valuable perspective on effective public engagement in science.

At the conclusion of the program, at 4 p.m., Professor Ana Carolina Souza, known for her work in the field of sustainable communications and transmedia, will discuss the practice of transmedia in scientific publishing. His experience as a brand strategist and professor at PUC Minas and Centro Universitário UNA will provide insight into science communication strategies.

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The 12th edition of Fala Ciência is an opportunity for science communication professionals and enthusiasts to explore relevant and current topics. The event will be available to all interested parties via live streaming on Al Hadath channel on YouTube. Participation is open and encouraged for anyone who wants to delve deeper into discussions about science communication today.

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