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Company of Heroes 3 is now available for PC

Company of Heroes 3 is now available for PC

Company of Heroes 3 offers strategic battles in World War II

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Relic Entertainment and Sega Europe released the game on Thursday (23rd). Company of Heroes 3 for the computer. It is the third chapter in the beloved real-time strategy franchise and is the biggest installment in the series.

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Watch the Company of Heroes 3 launch trailer:

Company of Heroes 3 features two main campaigns based on real battles from World War II. One is the dynamic Italian campaign and the other is the North African operation. The game also supports online multiplayer matches and player-created mods.

To help newcomers to the Company of Heroes 3 battlefield, Relic has produced a series of videos in collaboration with fan creators of the franchise, teaching through The basic basics of the game Even tips More intense combat situationsTo maximize the effect of use anti-tank units or snipers.

In total, there are 23 videos with tips for all kinds of situations, which will certainly help the player become a real general in the battles of Company of Heroes 3. The game will also acquire versions for consoles in the future.

Company of Heroes 3 is available for PC.

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