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Compare the price of electricity and gas in a new online simulator

Compare the price of electricity and gas in a new online simulator

The ERSE simulator online compares all commercial offers of domestic electricity and natural gas consumers in mainland Portugal.

The Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) has, as of Wednesday, a Online simulation which “allows you to view all the prices of commercial energy offerings available in the market for domestic consumers of electricity and natural gas in mainland Portugal, quickly and simply, without the need for simulation or data entry,” the regulator announced in a statement.

“In a highly volatile energy price environment, largely due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ERSE provides an interactive list of prices for commercial energy offers on the market, providing consumers with another tool that helps them find the best offer in the market and keep pace with the rapidly evolving retail markets for electricity and natural gas,” ERSE explains.

“With this tool, consumers quickly make a direct comparison of energy prices, without having to run simulations or enter data from their energy bill,” the regulator says.

ERSE recommends that consumers, at the beginning of each year, preferably twice a year, consult with an ERSE price simulator to assess whether there are commercial offerings on the market that allow them to save on their energy bill.

simulation over here

The organizer recalls that “the market is dynamic, every day new commercial offers are launched and others are discontinued.” Therefore, “the information in the interactive list is updated synchronously with the price simulator, according to the information provided by each supplier within the scope of the retail market monitoring of electricity and natural gas carried out by ERSE, being the responsibility of the suppliers for the quality of the information presented here,” concludes the entity that regulates energy services .

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