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Hamas and Putin represent different threats, but they share a desire to eliminate its democratic neighbor.

That’s what Biden said in a rare televised speech from the Oval Office on Friday night, Norwegian time.

He added that terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin cannot be allowed to win.

He fears that conflict and chaos will spread to the Middle East and the rest of the world if Putin and Hamas are not stopped.

NRK USA correspondent Anders Tvegaard.

Asking Congress for money

Biden announced that he will ask Congress to support a $100 billion aid package for Israel and Ukraine, among other countries.

Reuters news agency quoted an anonymous source as saying that $60 billion will go to Ukraine, while $14 billion will go to Israel.

The rest will be used on Taiwan and to reinforce the US southern border with Mexico.

US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hugged each other when they met at Tel Aviv airport this week.

Photo: AP

Biden believes that supporting Israel and Ukraine will pay dividends in the form of strengthening American security for generations.

“This will help us prevent American soldiers from being injured, and help us build a safer, more peaceful, and better world for our children and grandchildren,” Biden said.

Many Republican politicians criticize continued support for Ukraine. They believe that it is not America’s war. While many leftists in Biden’s party believe that the United States is not doing much for the Palestinians, and is not doing much to demand a ceasefire.

Friends: US President Joe Biden visits Kiev.

Joe Biden visits Kiev with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in February this year.

Photo: Bulletin/AFP

He visited Israel

The president, who was born during World War II and has great faith in America’s role in the world, visited both countries during wartime last year.

Ukraine in February and Israel earlier this week. He defends the importance of Israel and Ukraine winning the wars in which they are involved, and hopes to gain widespread support among the people to strengthen both countries, beyond the United States.

In his speech, the president is trying to tell war-weary Americans why they should care.

– It is not worth risking it all by letting Ukraine down and turning your back on Israel. “So, tomorrow, I will send to Congress a request to fund America’s security needs — and to support our important partners including Israel and Ukraine,” Biden said.

Jim Jordan, Republican nominee for Speaker of the House of Representatives

Jim Jordan, Republican candidate for Speaker of the House of Representatives

Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP

Congress paralyzed

After 16 days, Republicans have still not found a new leader in the House.

A small group of right-wing extremists and conservatives have ousted their leader and do not receive enough support to elect their candidate.

A new vote, the third round, to elect Jim Jordan, was announced on Friday afternoon Norwegian time.

There is a limit to what the House can do under the leadership of an acting representative.

In addition, there is significant political disagreement over whether aid packages should be linked to each other.

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