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Computer hackers release data on 1.5 million TAP customers

Computer hackers release data on 1.5 million TAP customers

In a message called dark webAnd the You are pirates Claim that they still have remote access to ensign systems.

According to the newspaper espressoAnd the In addition to addresses, phone numbers and names of customers, the group discloses identification documents of TAP specialists or partners, as well as confidential agreements with various companies and relationships with other airlines..Ragnar Locker Group released the new data on Monday.

It is reported that computer hackers recently published data from 115 thousand customers, threatening an even greater leak of information, if the ransom is not paid.

still according to passTAP will not have negotiated a ransom payment to stop publishing the data.

“The most interesting thing is that they [a TAP] Vulnerabilities in the network itself are not yet resolved and this type of incident can happen again. By the way, if anyone needs remote access to TAP Air, let us know”read the letter that set pirates It was published on the Dark Web, and was quoted by the same newspaper.

TAP says the processes are normal
TAP demonstrates that Intrusion was contained at an early stage thanks to the cyber security systems and the quick work of the in-house IT team.

The national airline says there is no indication that sensitive information such as payment data has been compromised. He added that operations are proceeding normally.

TAP guarantees that it will continue to take all necessary measures to take care of customer and partner data.

Regarding the hacker’s claims, which they guarantee their survival on the company’s computer systems, TAP does not add any information.

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RTP found that the airline has been working with the National Cyber ​​Security Center, Judicial Police, and Microsoft from the start.The message has been sent to customers

Last Tuesday, TAP warned customers affected by the cyber attack that the disclosure “may increase the risk” of “unlawful use” of data, and advised to pay attention to communications deemed suspicious.

In an email sent to customers, the airline stated that “Recently he was the victim of a cyber attack, an act that was immediately reported to various relevant authorities, with which TAP is actively cooperating to investigate what happened.”to add that “the appropriate cybersecurity measures and procedures for this type of event have been implemented with the support of a specialized and industry-leading international company.”

“The adopted measures ensured data integrity and safe operation of all systems.”also confirmed TAP.

In the same email, TAP stressed that “containment and processing measures were taken immediately to protect customer data.” Among the targeted data are “Name, Nationality, Gender, Address, Email, Telephone Contact, Customer Registration Date and Frequent Flyer Number”.

“Disclosure of personal data through public means may increase the risk of its illegal use, i.e. obtaining other data that can be used to breach computer systems for fraudulent purposes (phishing) ”, then warned the carrier.