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Computer Science at Ufal achieves Concept 5 at Enade 2021 - Correio dos Municípios

Computer Science at Ufal achieves Concept 5 at Enade 2021 – Correio dos Municípios

The Ufal Computer Science course was the only one in Alagoas to reach Concept 5 in the latest National Student Performance Test (Enade 2021). The result was released by the National Institute for Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) and celebrated by the Computing Institute’s academic community.

The news was met with great joy among students, technicians and professors. This is because we know the importance of this concept for students, Ufal and the State of Alagoas, because it underlines the importance of the course for the community, which can rely on qualified professionals, explained Professor Bruno Pimentel, course coordinator.

The degree came after an assessment cycle in the Concept 4 track, stimulating a significant amount of work to reach this development. The result is the result of attention to students and teachers to ensure a stable and predictable environment. He noted that these factors allow everyone to plan and participate, which increases the chances of getting a good grade on the course.

And also good performance for my bachelor’s degrees in physical education and biology, in addition to the degrees of physical education, pedagogy, and arts – English, which got 4 marks in the exam.

Another score released was the Index of Expected and Observed Performance Difference (IDD), which, in addition to Computer Science, Chemistry and Social Science courses, had the best scores, within the IDD 4 scale. Of the 42 assessed courses in the course, it was There are 30 that have reached IDD 3, which is considered satisfactory in the Institutional Education Advocate’s assessment, given the context in which the test was applied.

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“PEI held seminars targeting course coordinators, college and NDE professors, and for students enrolled in Enade 2021. It was held remotely through the Prograd YouTube channel, and reached a large number of participants. These events resulted in testimonials for those who participated in them, as we had many From guests from other institutions such as UNB, IFMT, Uneal and tutors from home.We have discussed several points in order to make teachers and students aware that Enade is a mandatory component of the curriculum and that it reflects how PPC experience and guidelines are in the courses, this becomes an indicator of the quality of the course. Our aim is to encourage more active adherence to Enade even in the face of a pandemic scenario and an unstable examination system for students to gain access to. The result, overall, given the above scenario, presented itself with most courses with a satisfactory concept, of 3 ‘, highlighted corporate education attorney Dwyd Wagner de Mello.

IDD measures the value added by the course in the development of graduating students. This account is executed Monitor the overall performance of Enade participants and the number of students with valid results. It also evaluates the number and performance of students in the National Secondary School Examination (Enem).

PEI is still waiting for the results of two other indicators coming out in December: the Initial Course Concept (CPC) and the institution’s General Index of Assessed Courses (IGC). CPC combines, in one scale, the various aspects related to undergraduate courses: student performance, value added by the course, faculty, and conditions provided for the development of the training process. The IGC is the result of the assessment of higher education institutions and corresponds to the average CPC scores for undergraduate courses and Capes Concepts for postgraduate program courses. narrow narrow.

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“We expect to get a good result in the following indicators, as CPC consists of elements that our university considers satisfactorily, such as a faculty profile of professors and doctors and a work system of exclusive dedication. In addition, we also got an excellent result with our postgraduate courses, Which had a positive impact on IGC at our university,” Dewid stressed.

Student Questionnaire

During the Enade registration process, graduates must respond to a student questionnaire, which allows tracking of the socioeconomic profile of those who have been evaluated. The information contextualizes test results and can help define public policies and guide improvements in organizations and training courses.

In connection with this data, it is possible to check in the appendix how the student community is formed in each course.

In the latest edition, Inep also applied, in an unprecedented way, a questionnaire that presents students’ perception of the effects of the pandemic on their training process. Additionally, graduates of degree courses answered questions regarding the licensing option.

about the exam

The Establishment of the National System of Assessment of Higher Education (SINES) Act 2004 provides that the National Student Performance Examination assesses the performance of graduates of undergraduate courses in relation to the contents they propose to teach and the skills and competencies that the student develops during their training. The test is mandatory and only the graduate who answers the student questionnaire and takes the test can get a degree.

Enade Concept and IDD will be available on the Inep portal, e-MEC system and Federal Official Gazette. An individual student performance report is available on the Enade system, with access restricted to the participant.

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