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Concepts and Events – Liberalization of the Draft Abortion Act in Sejm

The first reading of the draft law liberalizing abortion took place in Sezm. The plan put forward by Marta Lembert, the leader of the Polish women’s strike, provides, among other things, the right to legal, free abortion until the 12th week of pregnancy. – Mrs. Isabella of Pszczyna also had the right to life. You want to wash away responsibility. Every woman has the right to a legal and safe abortion. Human rights are not subject to any compromise – said Adam Slapka from the KO. According to Anna Milkchanovska, the PiS Club is totally against the plan. Among other things, she criticized the rule that a decision to terminate a pregnancy can be made by someone 13 years of age or older. Katarzyna Sójka (PiS club) said that “there is an abortion in Poland”. According to Katarzyna Lubnauer (KO), it’s time for a new social contract. – This project is the opposition of Polish women and Poles to the hypocritical dishonesty that Kaczyński, Ziobro, Przyłębska and everyone on the right today are talking about human rights and the protection of women – said Barbara Novaka. He accused PiS politicians of intimidating Polish women into having children. Bożena Żelazowska, who represents the Polish-PSL alliance, stressed the need to introduce a set of laws that would “enable mothers to face dramatic results with adequate and long-term government assistance, which will help maintain a sick child and decent children”. Life “. Katarzyna Kotula on behalf of the Left Club stressed that Poland is the only major country in Europe that has a complete ban on abortion.

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According to the draft, termination of pregnancy will be reimbursed by the National Health Fund. The decision to terminate a pregnancy can be made by someone over 13 years of age. If a minor under the age of 13 expresses a desire to terminate a pregnancy, the consent of the legal guardian is required or if the guardian does not disclose it, the consent of the guardian court is required. Among other things, the draft proposes to repeal criminal records for physicians and abortion aides, and to introduce additional provisions relating to the subdivision of conscience “to eliminate the occurrence of subdivision abuse at the expense of the rights of patients.”