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Confidence in science and life charter

In times of “fake news”, the anti-vaccination movements and lies circulating on social media with such speed, it is worth celebrating all the vaccinations applied to citizens whether against COVID-19, polio or any disease. In this sense, Paranagua set an example on Saturday, 20 as more than 2,500 doses were administered to children and adolescents on the D-Day of polio vaccination and in the multiple vaccination campaign to update the vaccination record for this audience.

The Unified Health System (SUS) does a great job in terms of vaccination in Brazil. A clear example of this is the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the country. For example, health workers in Paranagua toured colonies, islands and neighborhoods, including with the continuous work teams at the railway station, providing opportunities for doses against the Corona virus between 2021 and 2022, something that is still ongoing. However, it is essential not to forget about vaccination against other diseases as well.

Raising a child is above all being responsible. Among the elements that demonstrate this responsibility, in addition to love, is compliance with the National Immunization Calendar for Children and Adolescents. To do this, simply go to the nearest Basic Health Unit (UBS) to find out the doses. The campaign of multiple vaccinations and immunization against polio continues until September 9, which is a unique opportunity to protect children and adolescents from various diseases.

In 2021, when the Covid-19 vaccine began to be applied to the population, we were all, confident in the science and waiting for better days, looking forward to today for the dose against the coronavirus. This life pact was signed by the majority of people who did not listen to fake news and, thanks to immunization, were able to improve the situation of the epidemic. In the same way, vaccination against other diseases enhances respect for others, and in the case of polio, for example, means ensuring the continued eradication of this disease, which we achieved in 1994 thanks to immunization.

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