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Confirmed cases of H3N2 virus increased to 74 in Campo Grande - Cidades

Confirmed cases of H3N2 virus increased to 74 in Campo Grande – Cidades

The number of confirmed cases of influenza caused by the H3N2 strain has risen to 74 in the past Epidemiological Bulletin Released on Friday afternoon (31). As of the morning of the same day, the numbers indicated 42 confirmations.

Municipal influenza cases are caused by the H3N2 subtype of influenza A virus, according to the Municipal Health Department (Sesau). The Department of Health Virtual Health Library reports that this subtype is a major cause of colds and flu.

So far, there is only one death of a young man, who was admitted to CRS Nova Bahia on December 20 and died the next day, linked to influenza in the capital. Statewide, two more deaths from the subtype were detected. In 2019, disease-related deaths amounted to 29, while in 2020 it was 6.

In Três Lagoas (MS), two cases have been confirmed positive for H3N2 by the Municipal Health Department. The two patients, a 64-year-old elderly woman and a 14-year-old teenager, were admitted to the Nusa Senhora Auxiliadora Hospital with respiratory symptoms.

Data from the Capital Bulletin shows that 25 people have been hospitalized due to the Darwinian strain, 19 in public hospitals and 6 in private health units.

All the positive cases recorded in the city are from people who have had tests in the last 20 days, that is, they developed symptoms in December. Like Covid-19, influenza is a respiratory infection, so care and prevention are the same for both illnesses.

For the municipal health minister, José Mauro Filho, the use of masks, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, along with the vaccine available in all health units, are the best weapons against infection.

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Shops – On Thursday, December 30, the city of Campo Grande began setting up tents in the outer reaches of urban areas of the capital as a way to meet the demand of patients with flu-like symptoms.

with installation of tentsThe city intends to avoid cross-contamination of patients without respiratory symptoms.

Pitching tents at UPA do Leblon – (Photos: Luiz Alberto)

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