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Conflict of two Raphael in Cognac: What do we know about this "very rare" incident

Conflict of two Raphael in Cognac: What do we know about this “very rare” incident

This Sunday, May 22, two Rafale planes collided head-on during an airstrike on site 709 at Cognac-Satubernard, near Cognac.

This is a very rare occurrence. Two Rafale planes touched down on Sunday during an air conference in southwestern France, which did not prevent landing without collisions or unfortunately damage, we learned from a military source. After the accident, we found out here.


At around 12:30 pm on Sunday, May 22, two Rafale planes collided head-on during an air raid on the 709th floor of the Cognac-Chatubernard (Sarande). “During their tactical presentation, two Rafale from the 30th Fighter Wing touched down on the plane,” Pace Commander Colonel Nicholas Liot told AFP. However, the plane was able to land “without difficulty”.

No injuries

Rarely in such miraculous accidents, “no injury should be regretted,” the commander continued. A stroke of luck for the surrounding townspeople as the rubbish was discovered.

Material damage

As a result of the accident a large amount of debris fell – some more than a meter long – which caused material damage to the ground. In the neighboring town of Jensek-la-Pallu, “one of them lost part of its slide and damaged the roof of a house during its fall,” Nicholas Liatti notes in particular.

Clash between 2 Rafael planes at Cognac JPO this afternoon. It is a real miracle that neither the pilots nor the residents were injured. On the other hand, it is fragmented for the meeting season \ ud83d \ ude1f We will wait to understand the BEA-D statement. rentcharentelibre For the film

– PC (@ marpic714) May 22, 2022

A resident of the street where the plane crashed in Jensek-la-Pallu was questioned by AFP over the phone, who did not want to be identified, pointing out that the debris had “damaged the roof” and “broken tiles” before. Falls on the sidewalk “.

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He explained that it was “about a meter 40 cm”. “I was having lunch. I saw the room on the ground floor in the distance. There were a lot of law enforcement around, but the neighbor next door sent us a picture. Luckily the occupant of that house was not home at the time!”

Very rare accident

Such an accident is very rare. The last such encounter occurred during a patrol in France in April 2010, twelve years ago, according to the Air Force News Service.

Open inquiries

Commander Nicholas Liatti assured the AFP that a technical investigation was underway and that administrative and judicial investigations would continue soon.