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Conjunto Palmeiras receives Operation Quintal Limpo

Conjunto Palmeiras receives Operation Quintal Limpo

Fortaleza City Hall held, on Thursday (06/30), a joint effort to combat sexually transmitted viruses, in Conjunto Palmeiras, in the neighborhood of Jangurussu. The procedure involves health teachers from Regional 9. Focused on Evandro Ayres de Moura Health Post.

On this occasion, Operation Clean Backyard was implemented, which aims to educate the population to prevent and eliminate the breeding sites of mosquitoes that transmit dengue, Zika and Chikunguya. About 550 visits are planned between residential and commercial properties.

During visits, educators advise the correct sealing of water tanks, taking care of potential breeding sites and the importance of properly disposing of large items, such as furniture, sofas, old mattresses and tires, among other measures that can prevent the spread of mosquitoes.

During the task force, agents also distribute empty plastic bags to collect unusable items, and on Friday (01/07), the garbage accumulated by residents will be collected by the regional collection truck.

For Regional 9 Secretary Darlene Braga, residents must be on alert and cooperate in mosquito control. “We all have to be alert in the battle against Aedes aegypti. Only through preventive action and community engagement can we contain the spread of dengue fever, Zika virus and chikungunya in our city,” says the minister.

Operation Quintal Limpo is coordinated by the Environmental Monitoring Cell and the Regional Health Education and Social Mobilization Core.

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