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Connor McGregor loses after a horror fracture

Connor McGregor loses after a horror fracture

Bitter defeat and horror injury to Connor McGregor!

McGregor’s third MMA fight against Dustin Fory at UFC 264 ended with a DKO victory for Fory at the end of the first round, following “The Notorious One”‘s apparent fracture in his leg (all about UFC).

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McGregor wounded himself against the fryer

McGregor tried to strike, missed, and he leaned back as he sat down. The fight was hailed as “Doctor’s Stop”, thus a victory for the Fryers. Due to circumstances, a fourth fight of the two was necessary, the fight went to 1 McGorc in 2014, the fight for 2 Borys. At the end of the event in Las Vegas, UFC boss Dana White announced that she was planning a “Macricore vs. Fourier 4”.

Former feather and lightweight champion McGregor started the attack with a series of kicks, but then went down on defense and made a strategic mistake while trying to suffocate the guillotine fighter.

Borier, the best technician wearing a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, fought his way out of the approach, and has since had the opportunity to make full use of his superiority in the “ground game”. Macrigor, who was pushed to the edge of the cage, received a series of heavy blows, among other things, causing bleeding in his ear.

After leaving the Fourier McGregor and wanting to move forward again, a bitter accident occurred.

Both fighters are irreparable

A cursing McGregor continued his personal insults to Aryans in the arena against the Bory and threatened: “This is not over!” McGregor had already angered the Irish with his assessment that he must have enjoyed a kick-break that was blocked by McGregor – which McGregor denied.

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Fourier was bitter about McGregor and did not express sympathy for his injury: “Karma is not a bitch, she’s a mirror” he said meaningfully in his direction.

Connor McGregor: Third loss in four fights

McGregor has not held a title at the UFC since he was stripped of his lightweight title in 2018 for inaction, and then lost the now-defunct Kabib Normakomedo to the infamous fight.

This was followed by a win against “Cowboy” Donald Seron in early 2020 and another setback against the Fries earlier this year. In 2017, McGregor lost one-third of his four UFC fights in his lucrative crossover fight against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather (McGregor vs. Mayweather: How Much Money Was Made).

With the victory over Friar, McGregor wanted to bring himself back as a challenge to the lightweight title currently held by Charles Oliveira.

Now let’s challenge the Fourier Olivera.