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Continente launched a clothing line—and it was a total social media frenzy—NiT

Continente launched a clothing line—and it was a total social media frenzy—NiT

Continente launched a clothing line — and it was a total social media frenzy

The release, called the “Vintage Collection”, includes T-shirts, socks and sneakers and is a very limited edition.

They are for sale in a few places.

Yet the inexplicable phenomenon From the Lidl-branded apparel and footwear collection, in November-December 2020, many retailers have tried to replicate the success. The latest series to invest in its own group was Continente.

Titled ‘Vintage Collection’, the launch includes T-shirts, socks and sneakers inspired by ’80s vintage fashion, paying homage to the first logo of the brand that belonged to Sonae MC. The pieces are on sale in just four of the retailer’s stores. It is a “very limited edition”, advanced to NiT, and is sourced from Hypermarket Chain Communications.

Customers who had already come across the items for sale quickly spread the news on social media – and it was crazy. The photo below was taken at the Continente in Colombo Shopping Centre, but you can also find offerings at Amadora, Oeiras Parque, and Matosinhos.

Although they have just arrived on national shelves, the models in question were sold for the first time in the spaces of Carrefour in Spain, in February 2022. This is because the Continente and Pryca supermarkets on Spanish territory were bought by the French retailer in 2000 ( after the merger of Carrefour and Promodé. Perhaps inspired by the success of the group, the French group decided to commission the group to evoke nostalgia for the two hypermarket chains that no longer had stores in Spain at the time of purchase. released By Lidl in 2020.

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In Portugal, the 12 Carrefour stores in the country were taken over by Sonae MC and closed in January 2008, reopening under the Continente banner. After an 11-year legal battle between Sonae MC and Carrefour – which registered the Continente brand in Spain and owned the rights to exploit it in the neighboring country – in 2019, when the case was handed over, those rights passed to the national retailer.

With the dispute between the two resolved, in 2022 Carrefour de Espanha asked Continente for permission to launch a “Vintage Collection”, which it had expressed its intention to sell as well. Almost a year later, the brand is finally hitting some Portuguese supermarkets — and based on the buzz it’s generating on social media, it promises to be a huge success.

As for prices, the sneakers are on sale at €19.90, the T-shirts are €6.90 and the socks are on sale for €4. Click on the gallery and discover all models.

See the gallery


The sneakers are available for 19.90 euros.