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Controllers: The Gamer’s Experience

Controllers: The Gamer’s Experience

If you are thinking about buying a gaming console and do not know which one to choose, find out the opinions of people who use these devices in their free time. However, if the demand for a particular product comes directly from a child or young person, it is best to respect it, otherwise someone will be very disappointed.

The survey to obtain data for this article was conducted in January and February 2023, among game console users. It was implemented simultaneously in three other countries, in addition to Portugal: Belgium, Spain and Italy. In total from the four countries, 1,840 responses were obtained, of which 453 were from Portugal. For aspects that could be more specific to each country, such as best-selling model or time of use, responses were analyzed separately. Data on reasons for purchasing devices, satisfaction or reliability were processed together in the four countries.

PlayStation: Favorite console

According to participants, the average age was 18 to obtain their first console. However, the youngest (between 18 and 34 years old) got it, on average, at 14 years old.

PlayStation was the most mentioned in Portugal. Among the different models, the Model 4 Pro (33%) and Model 5 Standard (27%) were the most mentioned, with the Digital 5 being mentioned by just 10%. Of the Nintendo Switch, most players recommended the V2 (14%), followed by the Lite (7%), and finally the OLED model (2%). Among Xbox consoles, the One S and Series X were mentioned by 3% of users each, and the Series S by only 2%. The majority of consoles (64%) were purchased new in 2021 or later, and owners expect to be able to enjoy the equipment for four or five years.

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Nearly half of gamers (46%) sign up for an online plan that gives them access to many games for free.

They play an average of eight hours a week

In the vast majority of situations, the person answering the survey is the person who uses the controller the most: nine out of 10 respondents. However, nearly half share its use with children or other adults in the household. The average time spent in front of the screen is eight hours per week.

Players can use the controllers alone or with other people and can do so whether they are online or offline. The majority (62%) prefer to play with someone, especially online and with people they know. Of those who play online, 71% communicate via voice, when they know who is on the other side, and sometimes also via text, although less. When they do not know the people with whom they share a commute, written communication is used more than oral, although almost half of those questioned (46%) reported that they preferred not to even talk to strangers.

Discover in detail the results analyzed for Playstation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles.