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Controversial Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary helps delay boarding in Dublin

Controversial Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary helps delay boarding in Dublin

Controversial Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary has been photographed by passengers as he helps check boarding passes before leaving a flight on his airline. The scene was shared on social network TikTok by user Carleen Angelo, who was also waiting on the delayed flight last Tuesday.

Wearing sneakers and a simple blue jacket, O’Leary wrapped his Ryanair ID card around his neck and began calling other passengers to the gate, instructing them to have their boarding passes ready so he could check them and send them to the plane.

“CEO Michael O Leary at Work”Angelou says in the video, which has been viewed nearly two million times since it was posted a few days ago. Ryanair’s infamous social media team responded via the airline’s official TikTok account: “Go dad”. O’Leary was also a passenger on that flight.

Tweet embed CEO Michael Leary at work # Ryanair # recitations #Daplintumalaga # O Lord ♬ Original soundtrack – Simple life in Europe

In a second video taken shortly after all the other passengers boarded, O’Leary picked up her red bag and headed toward the plane as well.

The CEO is controversial for his always honest statements, speaking his mind and not putting too many filters on. In addition to ideas such as planes with the pilot and passengers traveling on their feet, O’Leary also openly criticizes anyone whenever they think the initiative is meaningless or harmful to their company.

Ryanair broke the passenger record in September with an increase in travel demand after carrying 15.9 customers. However, the airline warned that demand was partly driven by lower fares that could affect its profits.

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