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Polémica! André Filipe exige um pedido de desculpas de Cláudio Ramos: “Chega de ser humilhado…”

Controversy! Andre Philippe demands an apology from Claudio Ramos: “Enough of the humiliation…”

The varnish broke on Friday, August 12, after Claudio Ramos and Maria Botillo Muniz received Anusca Marquez in “Two to 10”.

Andre Philippe, the ex-boyfriend of Iori’s sister Melanie, was “targeted” by the announcer and get angry with the situation.

On Saturday, August 13, the former competitor of ‘Big brother’ Talk about it again: “That Claudio Ramos, what he did to me was not done, and now the people at my side are aware of what is happening”.

“I’m here to tell the audience that loves me, from the bottom of my heart, that until this man is given an apology and justice is served, don’t watch ‘Two at 10’, I’m really asking you. They will feel the impact.” – He resumed.

Andre Philip added: “People like me know how unjust I am because I don’t have a TV channel to express myself after all the injustice I’ve suffered, because they don’t want to give me my voice. What the hell are you afraid of?”.

I will not be silent until justice is served. I swear to you for everything enough humiliation and enough. I won’t be silent about it, get ready” – confirmed.

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