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Controversy in Australia over the idea of ​​sexual consent use

  • Feminists, academics and politicians reject it, arguing that it is easy to “manipulate or threaten” potential victims.

The plan of a police chief to create Mobile application for recording sexual consent Prior to the act, she had caused controversy in Australia, where feminist groups and academics accused the officer of being “innocent.”

Mick Fuller, commissioner of the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales, said on Thursday that people could use a mobile app to register a mutual agreement to have sex. Fight the increase in reports of sexual harassment Lives in the area in recent years. “Sexual violence against women is a real problem and we need to find a solution to it (…). We have to deal with it through technology, education or other ideas,” he explained at a press conference. Doubts about the idea, but it was defended that “could open a debate on sexual consent.”

Fuller mentioned it About 15,000 complaints of sexual abuse Launched in New South Wales in 2020, Only 10% end up in court A small number end up with the guilt of the accused or the accused. Police said the technology could be part of a solution because authorities need explicit evidence that a party does not have sexual consent.

However, opposition feminists, education and political groups rejected the idea of ​​mobile use. Catherine Lumpy, a professor at the University of Sydney, described the concept as “naive” and pointed it out. “Easy to handle” or threatening The victim stamped their consent, in reports to the public channel ABC. Haley Foster, director of the New South Wales Women’s Protection Service, denied on Twitter that “the abuser threatened to use the app”.

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Green Party regional legislator Jenny Leong rejected the idea, saying, “Consent requires legal reform, comprehensive education, to prevent men from realizing that they have a right to whatever they want. ! “

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Denmark launched a mobile app earlier this year similar to the plan put forward by the Australian Police.

Last Monday, thousands of Australians from across the country took to the streets to protest against gender inequality and to criticize the government for its administration in the face of numerous complaints of sexual abuse in departments of parliament.