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COP 26 and Fragmented Science - The Rural Present

COP 26 and Fragmented Science – The Rural Present

By Chandros Hon de Carvalho, CEO of Cooperativa Agro Industrial Holambra

The largest and most important global conference to present, discuss and monitor alternatives and commitments for a more sustainable future, the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) highlights the importance of agribusiness in mitigating risks with changing climate and adapting the production chain. With better environmental, social and governance practices.

Sustaining increased productivity in the face of climate change and an urgent commitment to restore and save the earth leads us to the following question: How can we increasingly add agriculture and science, an essential union for environmental and water resource conservation, and sustain production to secure the global food supply?

First, let us emphasize that the techniques of cultivation on the land have been changed by new techniques of cultivation of each type of vegetable, respecting its peculiarities, striving for a balance between cultivation and harvesting of food, while following the processes and monitoring them for studies.

At each harvest, the effects and care of the soil are noted, taking into account the climate. In this, Brazil is highlighted thanks to the interest and professionalism of most farmers, the spirit of cooperation, as well as the excellence of our tropical climate, which makes us recognized as the breadbasket of the world due to the potential in production.

According to data from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), agricultural production covers about 8% of the territorial extension of Brazil, however, with these studies and new developments, it is possible in some cultures to adopt the production and harvest of up to four annual crops.

As we have been highlighted around the world, with our responsibility for environmentally sustainable growth, we are constantly striving to improve our operations, through investments to comply with legal rules, which here, in our country, enjoys a high level of demand by regulators.

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At Cooperativa Agro Industrial Holambra, our analyzes include actions and goals, as well as the search for continuous improvement not only based on studies, but also on the active participation of those who produce and share results, it is the commitment and sense of collaboration that drives our operations.

It is with encouragement and appreciation that we are honored to confirm that the cooperative was responsible for launching the first Certificate of Agribusiness Receivables (CRA) Verde Tech in Brazil, which is highly sought after by international investors, focused on sustainability projects.

We have projects in the field of solar energy, adaptation of safe facilities and improvement of waste, monitoring of crops through satellite images and the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, a procedure that provides greater security for production results. The environmental seal has been certified by the CBI – London Climate Bond Initiative, and has a term of three years.

Sharing information and issues is another strong point that guides our judgment. We know that the consumer market has been increasingly demanding the use of products made with sustainable initiatives. Therefore, products that focus on this bias gain more and more space among producers, and when technology generates positive results, with increased productivity and profitability, there is potential for mutual gain between farmers and producers of natural inputs using traditional techniques.

With this in mind, we have adopted as a test, an organic foliar fertilizer that brings in its concept the restoration of nature, with a return of productivity. Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA) requirements and regulations mean that few products in this category meet production standards for these inputs. This is one of the differences of the product we tested, which reconciles the use of 100% natural ingredients, and meets all MAPA compliance.

Natural foliar manure is extracted from green eucalyptus sawdust manure and pig manure, and is produced from virgin raw materials in controlled environments that make it balanced and sustainable, i.e. at the same time providing essential nutrients to plants. Range benefits in the soil.

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Fertilizer application tests were conducted in two soybean commercial areas. In both of them, an increase in the production of soy bags per hectare was observed. In Sítio Rincão, there was an average increase of 3.21 bags of soybeans per hectare, and in Fazenda Paslar II, the profit was 1.6 bags per hectare. Either way, the technology generated a financial return for the product. It’s another tool that the product becomes available for through Cooperativa Holambra to produce it sustainably.

Encouraging and collaborating in the use of new methods is part of Cooperativa Holambra’s policy, and it makes us even more optimistic about the results achieved.

Laws are important, but imagine when combined with good practice? They are formulas for a sustainable future!

There are many federal, state, and municipal laws that regulate the environmental and related aspects of agribusiness, as well as the normative instruments of the various agencies. In agribusiness activities – rural producers, trade and cooperatives – follow environmental metrics, highlighting ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors within organizations, but it needs strengthening in this area.

The need for community involvement makes partnerships effective and visionary.

Cooperativa Holambra maintains a very important awareness-raising work, for example, through its work focusing on the future that is in the hands of our children. It is necessary to mitigate the effects of climate change with incentives through practical examples that include us all.

We work with the Educational Cooperative School for Responsible Parents of Campos de Holambra, annually, on Arbor Day, we plant seedlings of local trees. The goal is to demonstrate, through participatory collaboration, the importance of our potential as a food producer, in a sustainable way, for the conservation of nature.

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The benefits of planting trees are numerous. Among them, preserving the environment, promoting balanced agricultural production with protection from frost and heat waves, and even offsetting carbon dioxide emissions, as many species neutralize gas, which is one of the causes of the impact. Atmosphere.

COP 26

With a global side, and the hope of uniting ties across borders, the leaders of 196 countries are meeting, in Glasgow, Scotland, between October 31 and November 12, to discuss progress in the battle and halting the effects and acceleration of global warming.

The expectation is that among the main points of the narration are the following:

mitigation: At the center of the focus are countries’ targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for 2030, while seeking an alignment to achieve net zero emissions by mid-century.

Adaptation: Actions that can be taken to urgently adapt and protect communities and ecosystems already affected by climate change.

finance: How to make the necessary financing viable to ensure zero global emissions, while developing technology, innovation and a greener economy.

cooperation: Collaboration between governments, companies and civil society to confront the climate crisis and finalize the rules of the Paris Agreement (done at COP21, in 2015, in France), with the aim of avoiding catastrophic climate change on the planet.

Since then, the international community has expected to update the commitments, as well as to build an economic recovery path that takes into account environmental challenges.

From here, and from here, we continue to strive to do our part, and we hope everyone will unite in achieving the goals with global care and the health of the planet!

Source: Cooperativa Agro Industrial Holambra