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Copenhagen – New devastation

Copenhagen – New devastation

Last week, Borsen was on the verge of collapse when a violent fire broke out.

Now the storm could cause further damage to the building, one of the oldest in Copenhagen.

– Storm damage. There is a risk that scaffolding may fall on Børsen, the Copenhagen police sign x/twitter.

Therefore, Knippelsbro, which exits to Slotsholmen where the stock exchange is located, is closed.

Major fire: A major fire broke out in the building last Tuesday. Photo: Matthias Sørensen/NTB
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Scaffolding was installed along the walls in connection with the restoration process.

Norwegian symbol

The Stock Exchange was built as a commercial building by King Christian IV in the 1620s, and is used today as an office building.

The fire broke out on April 16, and the building's iconic tower fell in flames. The Dragon Tower is designed in the shape of four dragon tails wrapped around each other. It has three crowns at the top symbolizing the great kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

King Frederik of Denmark thanked the rescue workers.

– We woke up this morning to a sad scene, when the smoke above Copenhagen witnessed the devastating fire on the stock exchange. The king said in a statement last Tuesday that an important part of our architectural cultural heritage is burning.

Damage: Scaffolding can crack.  The picture is from last week.  Photo: Liselotte Sabro/NTB

Damage: Scaffolding can crack. The picture is from last week. Photo: Liselotte Sabro/NTB
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– Our Notre Dame moment

Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen likened the fire to the fire of Notre Dame in Paris five years ago.

– Awesome pictures of the stock market. very sad. I think this iconic building means a lot to all of us. “Our moment is at Notre Dame,” the Defense Minister said.

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