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Corona disease in India: – Give me the poison, stop this pain! – VG

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Hospital Waiting: A patient sits in an ambulance outside Lok Nayak Hospital in New Delhi waiting to be admitted. Photo: Prakash Singh / AFP

Hospitals in India are so full and medical oxygen supplies so small that those with desperate coronavirus are literally being rejected at the door.


We’ve already been to four hospitals, but nobody has beds available, says 17-year-old MD Kaif Watchman.

His grandmother, Hasima Begun, 60, was transferred to Lok Nayak Hospital in New Delhi. From the ambulance, Grandma gasps in the air. Her oxygen level is said to have dropped to 30 percent.

Kaif told a newspaper reporter outside the hospital that they say she might have only 10 minutes left to live if we can’t get oxygen and her bed.

Feel helpless. In the ambulance, where there is oxygen, she naturally cannot stay for long.

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Death: Relatives in protective clothing are preparing to cremate the body of a family member who died from Corona outside Bangalore. Photo: JAGADEESH NV / EPA

– He takes her to her house to die

New ambulances are constantly driving to the hospital. The vast majority of people infected with severe Corona disease. In one of them is 47-year-old Sassy Devi. This is the sixth time her family has tried to accept it.

This is the sixth time that they have refused. No beds available. There is no available oxygen.

– Give me the poison, stop this pain! According to the newspaper reporter, Davey says in a hissing voice. The son who took her with him realizes that another rejection might spell the end of the relatively young girl.

Full: This image from May 1 shows a large screen outside Lok Nayak Hospital telling us that there are no beds available, Photo: Prakash Singh / AFP

– So now we’re taking her home to die, he says.

Others are met by the British newspaper outside the hospital to pick up their dead. A crying and crying woman the day before she waited for six hours outside for her mother to be admitted to the hospital. Only when she really died did they have to take her.

And now the daughter is waiting for the delivery of her deceased mother.

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20 million infected

On Tuesday, India has reached its tragic stage About 20 million are infected. For nearly two weeks now, the country has seen more than 300,000 cases of infection every day. But only those are registered.

There has always been talk that dark numbers can be large. Yesterday, Reuters reported that medical experts estimate the real numbers between five and ten times higher than the official figures.

This means in this case It is possible that 200 million Indians have or have been infected with the virus. The country has a population of 1.35 billion.

It is unclear how many died out of the approximately 220,000 recorded. But all indications are that even this number is not severely reported. Figures from Sunday show that 1,680 deaths were treated according to the routine Corona deaths, while the official number of deaths in the city was 407. And that was only in New Delhi.

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‘Scary crisis’

Medical and nursing students were taken out of schools so that they could work in hospitals. In an article in Sky News Dr Bunyapratha Gunn at the West Bengal Medical Forum describes the situation as “a frightening crisis”.

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– It’s a battle every day. Every time we have to struggle to get our oxygen quota, ”says PH Narayan Rao, a government official in Chamarajanagar.

Outside a temple in New Delhi, a group of volunteers set up a tent where patients could access oxygen.

Nobody should die of lack of oxygen. Usually, that’s not a thing, but these days it’s what everyone needs, says Gurpreet Singh Rumi, who runs the tent, told Reuters.

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– The terrible weeks ahead

Professor Ashish Jha of Brown University in the US says he is concerned about India and the country has terrible weeks ahead.

According to NTB, he is asking authorities to take action, and says he has been in contact with elected representatives in India who say they believe the worst is about to pass.

I tried to tell them that even if all went well, the next few weeks would still be terrible. And it could last longer, says the professor.

Jha says traditional infection control measures are needed: targeted closures, more testing, bandages and collection bans.

This is what can overcome this wave, he says.

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The country will shut down

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is under fire for underfunding the healthcare system, early opening up and not closing the community again, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi agrees with Jha and calls for a complete “lockdown”.

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I just want to make it clear that closure is the only possibility due to the complete lack of strategy on the part of the government. They have allowed the virus, or rather have actively helped, get to this stage as there is no other way to stop it. He wrote on Twitter that a crime had been committed against India.

On Tuesday, there were reports that the country had suspended the Indian Premier League in cricket due to the prevailing extremist situation.

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