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Corona in Lower Saxony: Decision Day – Will the Lock Up Come Instantly?

In the interior, the 2G Plus rule applies when the Corona Alert Level 2 is announced. Individuals who have been vaccinated and are recovering should also show a negative corona test during the test.

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  • From 1 p.m., Lower Saxony Health Minister Daniela Behrens and Interior Minister Boris Pistorius will provide information on the new corona activities in Lower Saxony.
  • Corona rules are expected to be significantly tightened again, and locking is not ruled out.
  • The Federal Constitutional Court will decide the constitutional nature of the actions on the federal emergency brake from the spring of 2021.

++ 1:54 pm: Minister Behrens now handles the Corona penalty list. It is currently under investigation and is expected to take effect over the weekend or early weekend. “We hope this will encourage restrictions,” Behrens said. In this context, Behrens reiterated that testing in nursing homes and nursing homes is still mandatory because this is a very sensitive group.

++ 1:45 pm: Daniela Behrenz goes on a vaccination campaign. Currently 4800 clinical practice and mobile vaccination teams are vaccinating in Lower Saxony: “So I think we can get the target of 2.8 million vaccines by the end of this year.” Too much to attend. “I’m very grateful for that,” Behrens said.

Nevertheless, Behrens refers to the currently emerging vaccine shortage. “Medical procedures and mobile vaccination teams did not come in order,” Behrens complained. “If biotech is missing, it should be filled with modern,” he said, calling on the federal government to act more pragmatically.

++ 1:31 pm: Now Minister Behrens is taking a stand on the planned alert level 3. If this alert level is declared, according to Behrens, events of more than 5000 people will be banned indoors, and the maximum number of visitors to outdoor events will be 2500. If announced, Christmas markets and discos and bars will be closed. Alert status three is reported by more than 9 hospitalized cases (currently: 7.6) and more than 200 cases. Behrens thinks the alert level “will not break it quickly”, but one must be prepared.

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++ 1:22 pm: Home Minister Pistorius said the number of spectators at the stadiums should be 25 per cent. Pictures of the entire arena will no longer be available from the weekend.

++ 1:19 pm: Until now, officials have only warned of irregularities, but there will no longer be formal restrictions, Interior Minister Pistorius explains: “All independent forces will be used.” You will act. Site and check.

The Home Minister praised the behavior of the Lower Saxony in most of the epidemics, which they usually endured without complaining about the current rules. “But there are others,” says Pistorius. There are daily attacks and insults by guests, but there are also restaurants that do not follow the rules. You will now be fined and will focus on existing health concepts.

++ 1:15 pm: The state parliament convenes for a special session on December 7 to determine the epidemic situation in Lower Saxony. “Then the third corona alert status will also be discussed,” Daniel Behrens said. Among other things, it is particularly noticeable when Christmas markets and discos are closed. Additionally, hotspots with 350 or more occurrences can quickly switch to Alert Level 3 – without prior special resolution.

++ 1:10 pm: Yesterday alone, Lower Saxony admitted 14 patients from other federal states by clover leaf method. “We are closely monitoring the situation in hospitals,” said Health Minister Daniela Behrens. According to Behrens, some interventions are currently being postponed. He expects more dramatic growth in hospitals. “It’s about patient care.”

First Report November 30, 2021, 12:51 pm: Hanover – Decision Day in Germany and Lower Saxony: Prime Minister Stephen Weil (SPD) will attend the short-lived Prime Minister’s Conference on Corona Infection, with Lower Saxony Health Minister Daniela Behrens (SPD) and Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) presenting information on Lower Saxony. . Corona rules are expected to be tightened again in Lower Saxony. From 1pm onwards, we will keep you updated on the live ticker.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. On Wednesday, December 1, 2021, with the exception of four municipalities, Lower Saxony State will move to alert level 2. The most important change at this point: in the public space in Lower Saxony, the 2G Plus rule applies almost everywhere.

Corona in Lower Saxony: No vaccines from general practitioners and specialists – intensive care units allow patients

General practitioners and specialists in Lower Saxony are also expected to discuss the current shortage of affected vaccines. In addition, Pistorius and Behrens provide information on the new Omigron variant of the corona virus and the status of corona intensive care patients transferring to Lower Saxony.

But it is also expected that something completely new will be announced, such as the new Corona penalty list. It is not uncommon for those in charge of the Corona crisis team to announce surprising things at the weekly press conference.

2G-Plus: These rules apply from Lower Saxony Alert Level 2 – Overview

  • Access restrictions for vaccinated and cured: Control Alert for 2G Plus will be introduced from Level 2, according to current Corona rules in Lower Saxony. This means that in addition to evidence of vaccination or recovery, current negative test evidence must be provided. This applies to all indoor events (outside 2G) as well as Christmas markets in general. This specification extends to the interiors of culture, sports and leisure facilities, discos, restaurants, lodging and all body-friendly services. So hairdressers are also affected by the 2G regulation. Outside, in Alert Level 2, the restriction for 2G applies. Measurements will be with 3G – but PCR testing is now necessary. There is a separate discussion in supermarkets.
  • In Warning level is 2 The mask is needed Tightened to FFP2 on all indoor areas.
  • Communication control: Generally, in Level 2, up to 15 people who do not have 2G Plus will only be allowed to enter the house or 2G open space together.
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Corona Emergency Break is unconstitutional: Federal Constitutional Court dismisses case

Immediate locking is also up for debate. The curfew order may again be an issue since the Federal Constitutional Court has already rejected a complaint about the constitutionality of the Federal Emergency Break. Before taking further drastic measures during the corona epidemics, the executive federal government and the Transport Lighting Coalition wanted to wait for the BVG’s decision. A difficult action may be a mandatory vaccination. Prime Minister Stephen Weil introduced the mandatory vaccine in an interview over the weekend. * is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.