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Corona: - Singapore takes a violent grip of Corona

Corona: – Singapore takes a violent grip of Corona

Singapore has been repeatedly praised for its handling of the coronavirus. Through large parts of the epidemic, the country has taken control of the situation, with consistently low infection rates and few corona-related deaths.

But this summer the authorities decided to change strategy and moved from having to kill the virus to living with it.

As a result, the delta virus has gained a foothold in the country, which has a population of 5.6 million. From having about 50 new infections each day, Singapore recorded several thousand daily cases in the autumn months. The rise in infections has put severe pressure on the health care system, which has recently seen a significant increase in the number of corona patients admitted.

Now he writes that the authorities are taking drastic measures to overcome the situation Watchman.

People are denied support

So far, in the shadow of the epidemic, the state has covered the epidemiological costs of the population. This is the end of it now.

– Unvaccinated people make up a large majority of those who require intensive care and place a significant burden on our healthcare system. The country’s health minister, Aung Yi Kung, said at a press conference that Singapore would no longer pay medical costs for people who deliberately chose not to be vaccinated.

From December 8, everyone who chooses not to take the coronavirus vaccine must pay for virus-related medication and treatment.

The exception is people who are not eligible for vaccination, including children under 12 years of age and people with certain diseases. The government will also give partially vaccinated people the opportunity to receive the last dose of the vaccine, and therefore will cover their costs until December 31.

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open for vaccination

Singapore has vaccinated 85 percent of the population and is thus among the countries in the world with the highest vaccination coverage. However, the country has experienced a violent boom in recent months.

– We must do everything in our power to keep infection rates as low as possible, says Minister Janelle Butcheri at the press conference.

The majority of coronary patients in state hospitals are over 60 years old. At least six percent of people in this age group are still not immunized.

– That is why we send this important signal to encourage everyone who can take the vaccine, says the Minister of Health.

In the wake of the boom, the government has reintroduced several strict infection control measures. To encourage the population to get vaccinated, the authorities are now facilitating further procedures for full vaccination. Among other things, he writes that it will allow the gathering of multiple people from the same house in restaurants ABC.