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Corona Virus, USA |  The use of “horse therapy” against corona has spread: 88 thousand prescriptions in the last week alone

Corona Virus, USA | The use of “horse therapy” against corona has spread: 88 thousand prescriptions in the last week alone

A celebrity has admitted to using the controversial “horse cure”.

New York (Nettvizen): Famous American podcast host Joe Rogan, who has over 13 million followers on InstagramHe now admits that he used the controversial “horse treatment” after contracting the Corona virus.

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Removes parasites from animals

In a video he posted on Instagram this week, the celebrity said he developed symptoms of the coronavirus last week and that he’s started dumping all kinds of potential cure-all drugs, including ivermectin, which is often used to remove parasites. from animals.

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Watch Joe Rogan’s video here:

– You’re not a horse

The US Food and Drug Administration People were told not to use it for treatment against Covid-19, after reports that people became very ill after taking ivermectin, which was intended to treat horses.

– You are not a horse. You are not a cow. seriously to you. Stop it, they wrote in a warning earlier this month.

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Sincere thanks to modern medicine

Podcast star Joe Rogan, who previously expressed skepticism about coronary vaccines, has tested positive after performing in Florida, where infection pressure is rising. She wrote that he started showing symptoms on Saturday The New York Times.

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Rogan faced opposition last year when he said in his podcast that healthy young people do not need to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Podcasts are among the most popular programs in the world.

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– During the night I had a fever and started to sweat, and I immediately knew what was going on, Rogan said in a video on his Instagram profile posted on Thursday.

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In addition to the aforementioned ivermectin, Rogan also took the steroid prednisone and the “vitamin drip.” The podcast host says he was in really bad shape on Sunday, but felt fine on Wednesday.

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– Thank you so much for the modern medicine that made me better so quickly and easily, says Rogan in the video.

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88,000 prescriptions for ivermectin this week

The New York Times He now writes that prescriptions for the controversial drug ivermectin have now increased to about 88,000 cases per week, according to several pharmacies across the country.

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Many pharmacies are now also reporting that drugs are running out, at the same time as there are reports that more Americans are overdosing on ivermectin.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the 88,000 represents a sharp increase from the 3,600 weekly prescriptions prescribed for ivermectin before the pandemic.

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– That’s so awful

Pharmacist Travis Waltal, who runs a pharmacy in Kona, Idaho, where about 20,000 people live, says he prescribed 20 prescriptions for ivermectin this summer alone, compared to just two or three in the entire year before epidemics.

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“I just say cool, that’s absolutely horrible,” he tells The New York Times, while at the same time he says he’s now out of ivermectin.

The newspaper also wrote that the number of calls to the American Poison Center has increased dramatically in the United States, and that the number of calls only increased fivefold in July of this year, according to the CDC.

The Mississippi Department of Health also states that 70 percent of calls to the state’s poisoning center come from people who have taken ivermectin they got from various pet stores.

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After Effects of Ivermectin

Sean Varney, a toxicologist at the South Texas Poison Center, says callers after taking ivermectin can talk about side effects like nausea, muscle aches and diarrhea.

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However, he does not know of any recent cases where people have died of an overdose after taking ivermectin, although there have been such cases in the past.

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Chinese “bats” warn that the Corona virus is only the “tip of the iceberg”

Everyone wants a cure for coronary heart disease because it is a devastating disease. But I’m asking people to stop taking ivermectin and get vaccinated, because that’s our best protection at this time. The doctor says everything else is just one risk after another.

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New record in corona deaths

Florida currently has the highest death toll from the coronavirus so far since the pandemic began last year, according to the NTB.

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Data from the US infection control agency CDC shows there were more deaths in at least eight days in August than the previous major outbreak in August last year in the state, which is the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States.

The average number of daily deaths in a week was 244 in August, compared to 227 in the same month last year, and the number may continue to rise as new reports come in.

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A total of 45,909 people have died of corona in Florida since March of last year.

87 percent of seniors in Florida have been vaccinated, while the total number of vaccinations increased from 61 percent to 68 percent of the population last month.

About 20,000 new infections are reported daily, and during August, 7,000 people were hospitalized in Florida compared to the previous outbreak. There were also reports of a 28 percent increase in infections among children and teens last week.