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Koronadrap i Tyskland

Coronadrab shocks Germany – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

German Chancellor Angela Merkel today, through her spokeswoman, Ulrike Demmer, condemns what she describes as a targeted killing, after a row over the use of a mask in gas station premises in the west of the country.

It was 7:30 on Saturday 18 September when a 49-year-old man walked into a gas station in the town of Idar-Oberstein in the Rhineland-Palatinate to buy six cans of beer.

The 20-year-old employee at the station asked the 49-year-old to wear a mask, as the rule is still in Germany.

“hairy hair”

After an argument between the two, the 49-year-old left the gas station. He returned a little later in the evening, this time with a mask.

He was allowed to buy his own beer, but after a fresh exchange with the 20-year-old behind the counter, he pulled out a pistol and shot the seller straight in the head.

The 20-year-old employee at the station He later died of gunshot wounds.

The 49-year-old reported the police the next day and confessed to the murder.

But he said in the interrogation that he felt provoked by all the restrictions imposed by the authorities to stop the Corona virus.

The murder took place on Saturday evening at this gas station in Idar-Oberstein

Photo: Thomas Frey / AP

According to German police, he was said to have felt he had no choice but to respond the way he did.

This is a protest and a reaction to what is believed to be an abuse of power by the authorities in the form of regimes to stop the pandemic.

‘Pseudo-intellectuals’ stir up resistance

The case has attracted a great deal of attention in Germany, and it has also moved directly into the debate about how the German authorities are dealing with the Corona crisis.

There has been strong opposition to strict measures to stop the infection, including from people within the Alternativ für Deutschland AfD and from those generally opposed to the vaccine.

Tens of thousands took part in the protests, including in the capital, Berlin. the movement side thinkerHe received great support, which can best be translated as pseudo-thinkers.

Demonstration against coronation measures August 1, 2021

Thousands took part in a demonstration in Berlin on August 1, against the strict Corona measures in Germany.

Photo: Christoph Soder/The Associated Press

in the election campaign

The Idar-Oberstein murder was naturally condemned by all the major powers in Germany, just days before Parliament elected a Riksdag and a new chancellor.

“Violence is not the way to go, even for those with other opinions, including those who support Kerdenker,” says Armin Lachey, the chancellor’s candidate for the Christian Democrats, according to AFP.

Merkel's mask

A demonstrator in an Angela Merkel mask with a text saying “Goodbye to democracy”, in connection with a demonstration against the Koran’s actions in Germany earlier this year.

Photo: Christoph Soder/The Associated Press

Annalena Barbock of the Green Party, another of the candidates for the job after current Chancellor Angela Merkel, wrote on Twitter that she is deeply concerned about the extremism of some within the Querdenker movement.

German police: I was not surprised

German newspaper daily mirror A review on social media found several examples of people applauding the actions of the 49-year-old offender.

One of the comments reads “We’re up and running,” while the others use only a thumbs up emoji to show that they think it’s perfectly acceptable to kill someone asking people to follow the rules and wear a mask inside the store premises.

Stefan Kramer, who heads the German watch police in the state of Thuringia, told RND media he was sad, but not surprised by what happened in Idar-Oberstein.

The growth of conspiracy theories and delusions among aggressive groups has been evident for several months. This aggression is everywhere, Kramer says.

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