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Coronavirus, Anders Tegnell |  Tegnell on the second wave of death:

Coronavirus, Anders Tegnell | Tegnell on the second wave of death:

Sweden’s epidemiologist Anders Tegnell says it was more difficult than expected to prevent coronary heart disease from entering nursing homes when the second wave hit the country.

Before the second wave this fall, the Public Health Authority believed measures in elderly care would reduce the spread of infection and the number of deaths. The conclusion shows something completely different.

According to the National Board of Health and Welfare, deaths in nursing homes accounted for an equal share in the second wave as in the NTB reports with reference to Swedish Radio Equot.

– We weren’t much better as we had hoped and thought. Above all, preventing the virus from entering nursing homes may be more difficult than anyone had thought, says Tegnell.

Last summer, the virus almost completely disappeared in Swedish aged care. The explanation, according to the Public Health Authority, was to improve routine and preparation.

At a press conference on August 6, Tegnell said the measures being taken will make hospice care better equipped ahead of a new wave. The hope was that caring for the elderly would be more flexible, even if the infection spreads elsewhere in the community quickly again.

At the end of July and early August, Swedish health authorities clearly warned of a new wave of infections and said there was great suspicion regarding autumn. The Public Health Authority came with a clear call for Swedes to avoid public transportation, work from home, and distance themselves from other people.

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– He said: We have an increase that came much earlier than we had hoped Tegnell Aug 4.


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