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HomescienceCoronavirus Bulletin - Diadema 05/14/2021

Coronavirus Bulletin – Diadema 05/14/2021

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a Diadema City Hall reveals, This Friday (14/05), the 315th edition of The COVID-19 Epidemiological Bulletin With data on disease cases in the city. According to the document, the municipality has registered 24,415 confirmed cases, 28,514 neglected cases, 53,663 suspected cases in progress, and 22,371 people who have recovered.

The confirmed cases are distributed in the twenty coverage areas of the basic health units as follows: Centro (2721), Inamar (1532), Peneras (1530), El Dorado (1506), Al Sawhara (1,471), Bromsau (1433), Conceica (1,403). , Real (1,296), Nogueira (1,223), Reid (1,211), Canhema (1,190), Maria Tereza (1,183), Casa Grande (1,181), Ruyce (1,079) ), Piraporinha (997), Nations (898), ABC (845), Nova Conquista (779), Polina (572) and Sao Jose (355).

With regard to deaths from the disease, the municipality confirmed four deaths during the past 24 hours, recording 1083 deaths. Confirmed deaths are also distributed by area of ​​coverage for each BHU as follows: Centro (127), Sawmill (85), Paineiras (75), Inamar (72), Canhema (66), El Dorado (62), Reed (63), Nations. (61), Real (60), Conceicao (59), Bromisau (54), Nogueira (50), Reus (49), Perapurinha (40), Casa Grande (38), Maria Theresa (31), ABC ( 29), Paulina (26), Sao Jose (19) and Nova Conquista (17).

Of a total of 6,606 people hospitalized for suspected COVID-19 infection since the start of the epidemic, 2,857 people have been eliminated, and 1,385 have already been discharged. Of those not cleared, 2,013 have been discharged from hospital and 662 remain in hospital (564 confirmed and 98 are under investigation for covid-19).

The occupancy rate for exclusive beds for COVID-19 managed by the municipality is 77%.

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So far, 95,715 vaccines have been given against COVID-19, the first dose 65,084 and the second dose 30,631.

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