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Wall Street gives land pending bills - stock exchange

Coronavirus outbreaks increase on Wall Street. Netflix disappointment – Bolsa

The Dow Jones index closed down 0.75% to settle at 33821.30 points, after hitting a new all-time high of 34,256.75 points on Friday.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 fell 0.68 percent to 4,134.94 points. In Friday’s trading, it set a new record at 4,191.31 points.

For its part, the technology NASDAQ Composite Index decreased by 0.92% to 13,786.27 points.

The increase in the number of COVID-19 infections worldwide has contributed to negative sentiment among investors, who fear its economic impact.

These expectations overshadowed the good quarterly results reported in the US since the start of the disclosure season last week.

Now, all eyes are on corporate forecasts for the year as a whole.

IBM shares rose after announcing the highest revenue growth in 11 quarters, while United Airlines Holdings led a sell-off in leisure and travel stocks due to a higher-than-expected loss in the first quarter.

Once the exchange closed, Netflix submitted its numbers for the quarter, continuing to decline by 11.3% in “after-hours” trading, to $ 487.33, after new users of the live streaming service failed to reach the estimates. At the close of the regular session, it had already made 0.88% to $ 549.57.

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