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Coronavirus, Vaccine |  The most vaccinated country in the world must be closed again

Coronavirus, Vaccine | The most vaccinated country in the world must be closed again

No country has vaccinated its population more against Coronavirus than Seychelles. However, the country must be closed again.

The country has now introduced a two-week lockdown, with schools and sporting events closed due to a spike in cases.

Writes website finance Bloomberg News.

The lockdown comes despite the fact that Seychelles has fully vaccinated 62.2 percent of its population, more than any other country in the world. In comparison, Israel vaccinated 59% of the population.

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Unknown cause

The new measures also include a ban on meetings across families, and an early closure time at nightclubs. The country introduced the same measures at the end of 2020.

“Despite the amazing measures we have taken, the Covid 19 case in the country is very critical at the moment, with many new cases being reported daily in the past week,” Peggy Fedot, the country’s health minister, said at a press conference on Monday. According to Bloomberg.

It remains unclear what triggered the spike in the number of cases. The country, with a population of only 98,000, is located in the Indian Ocean, but it is relatively far from India, where a new mutated virus is spreading.

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Chinese vaccine used

Seychelles, which is totally dependent on tourism, began vaccinating early with the Chinese vaccine against Sinovac, which the European Union is currently studying whether they should also use it, but has also subsequently obtained other vaccines.

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However, it has been questioned whether this vaccine is effective enough.

Brazilian researchers It is reported that the Sinovac vaccine had a negligible effect of 50.4 percent against the virus, but the Chinese themselves indicated its effectiveness in the 1970s. In comparison, Pfizer and Moderna have more than 95 percent of the energy.


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