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WhatsApp mensagens destroem desaparecem utilizadores

Corrupted messages may soon be the default on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has focused specifically on messages and their sharing between users. They want it to have a specific validity and to be destroyed at the end of the time users choose.

This is a feature that already exists, but work on and improvement continues. The latest news has shown that scrambled messages will soon become the standard for users, ensuring that there is no digital history or track.

For some time now, users have been able to set their messages to disappear after some time. With this simple function, we ensure that any text exchange or other item disappears after reading or seeing it.

The work has continued and another novelty associated with this method of exchanging messages between WhatsApp users is already under test. This will allow you to define different lifetimes for the exchanges within each of the conversations in this service.

Now, from WABetaInfo I showedThere's more on the way to this same job. Everything can be universal and the messages that have been destroyed can become the WhatsApp standard itself, depending on what the user chooses.

It arrives with version of the app for Android and will have to be activated manually, as it can't be accessed yet. Here, and under User Account Configuration, there will be a new option, which will activate temporary messages permanently.

WhatsApp messages destroy users and disappear

With every new conversation that starts in this WhatsApp status, users will be alerted to this status. In addition and also in all conversations, but messages will disappear every 7 days without being registered.

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This is another interesting feature that WhatsApp is preparing soon. It will now be joined by others being developed which will soon be used by all users. Of course, they will first go through test versions until they mature.