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Cotton swabs, straws, cutlery, and plastic plates banned from November

Cotton swabs, straws, cutlery, and plastic plates banned from November

On Thursday, the government approved a decree-law banning from November 1 the placing on the market of certain single-use plastic products, such as cotton swabs, cutlery, plates, straws and balloon sticks.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Action indicated, in a press statement, that the certificate approved by the Council of Ministers, Thursday, “initiates a partial transfer” of the European directive, dated June 5, 2019, on “reducing the impact of single-use plastic products” and “products made of plastic.” oxidizable biodegradable”.

Secondly we note, As of November 1, “Some single-use plastic products are prohibited from entering the market, such as cotton swabs, cutlery, plates, straws, balloon sticks, as well as food cups and containers made of expanded polystyrene.

According to the European Directive, the Government Diploma sets two goals to reduce consumption of beverage cups and ready-to-eat food packaging: an 80% reduction in consumption by December 31, 2026, compared to 2022 values, and a 90% decline by December 31, 2030.

To ensure these goals, measures are being planned, to be achieved from 2024, such as Availability of reusable containers for food and beverage consumption with a deposit.

The custodianship adds that according to a phased calendar, requirements for the design of beverage containers, goals for incorporating recycled plastic into beverage bottles and for selective collection of bottles with a capacity of less than three liters, will be defined, information campaigns and consumer awareness will be strengthened by producers of some single-use plastic products.