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Could Google's AI really gain awareness?  - Podcasts

Could Google’s AI really gain awareness? – Podcasts

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In this issue we talk about:

Today’s program will talk about the case of a former Google employee named Blake Lemoine, who claims that a company’s artificial intelligence system enables self-awareness. After pointing out this problem, Lemoine was fired and explained his theory to The Washington Post. Insane though the case is, it does make an interesting point about the perceived intelligence of AI.

In the second set, the topic is a new law in the UK to abolish the obligation of websites to request user permission to perform tracking by cookies. The idea sounds silly, and it might be, but there is debate.

In the latter, a report by The Verge notes that a group of SpaceX employees wrote a letter criticizing Elon Musk’s position and saying that the CEO’s actions are harmful to the company. Now, a new story in the New York Times says that the employees who were involved in this have been fired.

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This episode was written, presented, and edited by Wagner Wakka, with formatting from Patricia Gnipper. The program also featured reports from Alvini Lisboa, Victor Carvalho, Gustavo de Lima Inacio, Igor Almenara and Nathan Vieira. Audio review by Gabriel Rimi and Mari Capetinga, with soundtrack by Guilherme Zomer.

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