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Countess Alexandra: – confirms the rumors of separation

Countess Alexandra: – confirms the rumors of separation

The dramatic breakup between Countess Alexandra (58) and Nikolai Petersen (53) continues to make headlines.

There has so far been little information about the separation, but when Petersen did not take part in the burial of the countess’ mother, it raised a number of questions.

Only days later, it became known that the breakup was real.

According to the Danish Here and now There must have been many women in Petersen’s life.


Even when the breakup was announced, it seemed to be of dramatic diversity.

Among other things, the Countess was reported to have taken action after learning of things she did not want to be associated with.

Write now Here and now That the 53-year-old had eyes for more than just his girlfriend.

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– This is correct. Countess Alexandra unfortunately received confirmation that it was also another woman, company spokeswoman Helle von Wildenrath Lofgren tells the newspaper.

Løvgreen previously stated that the Countess will no longer be associated with the former.

— the Countess Alexandra learned of some events from which she so vehemently distanced herself, and so she responded immediately, though in the throes of grief after her mother’s death, BT has been informed.

He keeps the investment

However, earlier it was known that the countess does not break off all relations with her ex-husband.

to me Danish Se og Hør Namely, Alexandra chose to keep the investment she made in her ex-boyfriend’s company, Wikifactory Group ApS.

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– Lofgren said she does this for two reasons: because they were lovers and because she thinks it’s a good investment.

It is not known how much money the countess invested in the company.

Wikifactory is a digital platform, where designers and engineers can collaborate to create different products and software.

Nicolai Peitersen is the company’s managing director.