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Counting down, Portuguese fans are preparing for the arrival of Taylor Swift

Counting down, Portuguese fans are preparing for the arrival of Taylor Swift


There's only about a week to go until Taylor Swift makes her debut in Portugal. “The Eras Tour” arrives next Friday and Saturday at Estádio da Luz in Lisbon. A moment long awaited by fans who are already preparing to attend the North American artist's shows.

Maria Santos is 28 years old and works as a pharmacist. He has been a fan of Taylor Swift for a long time.

“I remember being a fan forever. The first song I remember liking was 'Love Story', so I was 12,” he told SIC's reporting team.

He showed at home how he is preparing for the long-awaited party. With the help of a friend, in three nights, He recreated one of the outfits worn by the North American artist on stage.

“I really wanted to wear one of her costumes. I wasn't hesitant between doing 'Lover' or 'Midnights,' but then I chose 'Midnights,' because it's my favorite album.”

It's the first time you see the artist you admire live. To guarantee a good place, spend 180 euros.

Near the concert venue, Claudia Santos Preparing the “famous” friendship bracelets..

“In theory, it seems like the bracelets are starting now, because she has a song called 'You're On Your Own Kid' where she says 'Make friendship bracelets, take the moment and savor it.' In reality, it was actually 'I've made bracelets before, but it's “It wasn't popular.”

The bracelets are made by fans and contain words associated with Swift. Like, for example, song titles or tour name. The experience of exchanging it with other fans is part of the shows.

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At 24 years old, it will also be the first time the student worker has attended a concert by the artist. To ensure the best location, I bought a VIP ticketfor 500 euros, which came with a trading box.

“I didn't buy the ticket thinking about the box. The box is not worth any money and everyone agrees with that. It's a general opinion. I wanted a specific place. I was going to Vienna to see it… to see it.” Save the trip.. I preferred to buy the VIP package.”

The person who actually watched the show is Thiago David. The content creator attended the launch of the European leg of “The Eras Tour” in Paris, and shared the moment on social media.

“For me, the big moment of the concert is ‘All To Well’.” It is 10 minutes long and everyone sings verse after verse. Then the moment dedicated to the new album… Taylor has been preparing for this moment for eight or nine months. “There is a big bed on the stage,” she said at the concert. About two years ago, He closely follows the artist's career And analyzes the results.

“In comparison… in Portugal there was the Coldplay phenomenon last year. The content of the concerts also aroused a lot of interest. But Taylor excels… whether it is the European Commission that she is talking about to appeal to the vote… and the content she made from the concert in Paris… I have almost a million worth of videos.”

“Tour of the Ages” is coming to Portugal. Taylor Swift is scheduled to make her debut at Estádio da Luz in Lisbon. Concerts sold out. It will be held next Friday and Saturday.

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