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Couple drama: Goucha reveals what she told her husband when he quit live on his show and Roy explains why he's tired of TVI - The Mag

Couple drama: Goucha reveals what she told her husband when he quit live on his show and Roy explains why he’s tired of TVI – The Mag

Famous TV presenter Manuel Luis Josha makes confessions about her intimate relationship with her husband, Ruy Oliveira. The highest-paid national television “artist” was revealed in the wake of the episode held live a week ago on TVI, when he and the hundreds of thousands of Portuguese who watched the show were surprised. Resignation revealed. “On the Fly” during the broadcast of the weekly cooking section on the “Josha” program which, for a year and a half, has been the responsibility of the businessman based in Monforte, Alentejo.

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Watch the moment her husband Manuel Luis makes Josha

“I spoke to him when the program ended and we stayed at Fontanillas. I just told him, “You could have warned me.” He just said to me, “But if I tell you, you’ll move me.” So that’s his decision.”, defends, revealing more tense and complicated moments between the spouses: “I had already made professional decisions that he was against. But against!”. “Then we have our decisions as a couple. But they are taken together because they can affect the couple’s dynamics. That was his problem,” concludes Manuel Luis Jocha.

Christina without a shadow of guilt

One thing Manuel Luis wants to make clear:Christina has nothing to do with this,” she goes on to explain the things going on in her husband’s head. But then he gets offended and talks about not being invited to the TVI party. I was the only one who wanted to escape and I couldn’t. See what’s the difference?

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After saying goodbye to Rui Oliveira from TVI, Cristina Ferreira responded and stressed that it had nothing to do with the decision of Manuel Luis Gocha’s husband.

All you have to do is come back to TVI’s anniversary party to understand what could happen to this “without notice” removal.

At the time, the ‘Goucha’ presenter, who is participating in the talks on ‘Conta-me’, admitted Saturday on TVI that he wanted to catch the fashion virus, only to escape from TVI’s 29th birthday party, but added that the plan paid off. Reverse: “I wish I had Covid in concert week so I wouldn’t have to sing and dance and get more work and more rehearsals. I’ve been asking here: Is anyone infected? Kiss me, kiss me.” Well, he tried, but he didn’t Wasn’t lucky. and big. “Well, it’s not that I got Covid after a week. On top of that, it was the week I was going to meet the contestants who had left the Big Brother house and I really wanted to talk to them,” he said wistfully.

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On the other hand, Roy was the opposite of this desire… because although he was a participant in the program, he was not invited to the event.

What you haven’t seen on TV: Happy audience

Manuel Luis underestimates him but never stops trying to explain what might be at stake. This is because Roy took into account the lack of an invitation to the aforementioned TVI gala for 29 years: “It’s just that Roy cares about these things on top of that. When we know in this world it’s not a disregard. It’s small flaws. And that doesn’t matter at all,” he downplays the value, ending how almost everything was decided: “They forgot, but Lourdes Guerrero that day sadly told me there was a place for Roy. He told me he had dinner after all.”

The joke going to the competition … the “guilt” of Christina

Learning from The Mag that Roy Oliveira is open to competition invites, Josh reacts with humor: “Will the competition invite you? Look, that was really funny. Imagine that there is now a channel that invites you. Do you think I’ll move it? It’s his life, it’s not about me. It’s a rough job. It’s not a matter of the couple,” considering he thinks “this dynamic (couple) is right.”

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Scenes from Home Life: Manuel Luis Josha and Ruy Oliveira show The Weekend

The presenter also insists on making clear two things that are necessary for him: “Between me and Roy there is respect and 23 years have passed without any suffering. I don’t let anything interfere. This decision to leave was Roy’s decision. I have no need to agree or disagree,” he asserts, explaining that his girlfriend Christina is sinless in this episode: “I have to say that Christina had nothing to do with her. Christina. Then it wasn’t like that,” Christina invited to the party as well. It was a failure of the organization. But it’s also a sunny day today. Who is to blame? Christina. If it rains, it’s Christina’s fault. “, is over.

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Roy’s explanations

Rui Oliveira also explained that the decision was his alone and that the husband did not take the initiative. “It is my decision. Neither Manuel Luis nor production knew I was leaving the line. Coral’s production was great – from the official to the cleaner. I thought he didn’t add anything. noI do not have a career as a cook. I have no activity in this area and wanted to leave.”begins with an explanation.

The agricultural entrepreneur and horse breeder remembers how it all began and now ends: “TVI asked me to make these appearances. At the end of a year and a half, I thought many times about the affection and respect people showed us but this does not add to me, I am not a chef in Ernâni Ermida (chef), and I don’t make it my life. And since it doesn’t add anything, I’m already thinking about ending the engagement.”

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Qusha’s husband appears barefooted, waiting for a massage

Roy says that “If you talk about it with Manuel Luis, or with the production, it won’t be the same. We’ve had a relationship with Manuel Luis for 20 years. Solo decisions that don’t hurt the couple don’t have to be communication or asking for opinion.” I knew that if I told Manuel Luis beforehand he could try to dissuade me from my decision with other arguments, But I decided not to participate anymore. I didn’t tell the production anything because I know they love me and I love them and they’re going to try to get me out of the decision,” Elvitra.

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Josha’s husband also ensures that “there was no previous conversation with the direction of TVI programs, nor did I receive any phone calls after my decision. Whether he liked what I was doing or not. He never motivated me and to this day he has never called me.” For TVI, it seems indifferent whether she left or not. I think there is a lack of consideration here. It’s notorious and I can’t hide it. I haven’t been called yet, at least to say: “So you’re going to leave and not say anything to us?” Or what happened to leave.

“Cooking on social networks and I have more views”

Rui Oliveira asserts that “The station structure, for a year and a half, was there whenever they needed me, even on other shows. I always put the shirt on and helped, I deserved minimal consideration for the person. They shrugged I thought I wasn’t doing anything. It doesn’t add me and was There must be something else to add to me. I’m doing this cooking on social media and we have a lot of opinions,” he recalls.

As for the invitations from the competition, Rui Oliveira is open to new opportunities: “If another channel comes up with something to add to me, that’s fine. I still don’t communicate with anyone and I haven’t communicated with anyone. Now I’m going with a tractor to plow my land,” he swears, goodbye on the phone.

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