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court!  Bruna Gomez and Felipe Neto with "serious legal problems" to be resolved: "There is only one truth..."

court! Bruna Gomez and Felipe Neto with “serious legal problems” to be resolved: “There is only one truth…”

She had a relationship between Bruna Gomez and Felipe Neto for five years, ending on Christmas 2021.

The influential He confirmed, on social media, that YouTube ended the relationship by calling “Without a frank, mature, honest conversation”wrote at the time.

Bruna Gomez also revealed that she turned to a lawyer: “Finally, I would like to inform you that the technical side, about which I do not know much, at least at this first moment, will be led by Dr. Luis Filipe Rangel Olesino and the professionals associated with him. It is up to this professional, when [e se] you deem necessary, speak on my behalf.”.

after, after ‘Big brother’the former contestant was “surprised” to learn that her ex-boyfriend had supported her abroad and that Guia TV magazine this week presents that on the reality show, Bruna Gomez has always known “Operations and Bureaucracies Running in Brazil and Official Recordings in Its Name”.

Leave the separation between the two ‘Serious legal issues to be resolved in court’Since then, according to the same publication, “I can not understand”.

Felipe Netto has been responsible for some of Bruna Gomes’ work, such as her TV channel or her winter collection, naked Brazil’s lawyer “They tried to register new business on behalf of the influencer, the companies that would be their future”.

Remember Bruna Gomez’s post, dated December 2021:

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