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Covid-19: More 167 new cases and 20 deaths recorded in Campos - Portal Ururau - Site de Notcias

Covid-19: More 167 new cases and 20 deaths recorded in Campos – Portal Ururau – Site de Notcias

On Monday (26) the municipality of Campos released 167 new confirmed cases of Covid-19, based on the Influenza Monitoring Information System (SIVEP-Gripe) record. Regarding the number of deaths, the municipality recorded 20 deaths, 07 on Sunday (25) and 13 on Monday.

Since the start of the epidemic, the municipality has recorded 27,300 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 42,334 recoveries, including those who have recovered with influenza syndrome who have tested positive for Covid-19; Recovered from nonspecific influenza syndrome; He recovered from Covid-19 from the severe acute syndrome.

The Sub-Secretariat for Primary Care, Surveillance and Health Promotion (SUBPAV) informs that disclosure of recoveries from SG and SRAG began on the last 15th and was based on investigation and monitoring of Ministry of Health and State Secretary of Health (SES) standards.

The municipality is in the red stage, i.e. level 5 of the plan for the resumption of economic and social activities.

The direction of the General Secretariat for Primary Care, Surveillance and Health Promotion is that residents should follow recommendations of social distancing, avoid crowded environments, and maintain preventive care, such as washing hands well, wearing a mask and 70% alcohol.

Coronavirus Bulletin – 26/04/2021

Confirmed: 27300

Influenza Syndrome (SG): 77651

Number of hospitalizations for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS): 3,639

Confirmed deaths: 1,096

SG Covid-19 recovered: 22,093

Recovered SARS: 949

SG Unspecified Retriever: 19292

Total Refunds: 42,334

Census of daily household occupancy on Monday (26):

ICU occupancy – 100% in SUS and Private Network

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Clinical medical profession – 100% in SUS and Private Network

Queue waiting for Covid – 21 patients

Total doses applied through Monday (26): 120,640

The first dose – 87474

The second dose – 33,166

Source: Ascom


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