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COVID-19.  More than three million expired vaccines will be destroyed

COVID-19. More than three million expired vaccines will be destroyed

cAbout three million 400,000 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 will be destroyed because they have passed their expiration date – which is six to nine months – at the end of the year, Portugal’s vaccinators have stepped forward.

According to Coronal Carlos Benha Gonçalves, from the Ministry of Health Support Center, in statements to RTP1At issue is the “strategic decision to always keep a reserve of vaccines to ensure that in any development we can get vaccines that we give to people.”

However, the country has “probably the best commitment to boosters in Europe” and what Portugal wanted was “to ensure that the number of doses and the number of boosters that are planned, we will have vaccines that we give to all people” to be vaccinated.

Of the remaining doses, Portugal donated more than 8.600 million.

In all, 26 million 500 thousand doses have been administered out of the 38 million 500 thousand purchased by the state.

At the end of November, the Ministry of Health’s Shared Services (SPMS) announced that people aged 60 or over can start taking a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and influenza vaccine by the ‘open house’ method.

According to SPMS, more than 2.4 million users have already been vaccinated against covid-19 and more than 2.1 million against influenza, in mainland Portugal, with more than 1.6 million receiving two vaccinations simultaneously between September 7 and November 30, as part of the fall vaccination campaign. and winter.

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