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Covid-19.  The fourth beta test event will take place on Sunday in Lisbon

Covid-19. The fourth beta test event will take place on Sunday in Lisbon

a The concert, which will start at 7 pm, will be attended by comedians Nelton, Aldo Lima, Teo Gil, Joanna Gamma and Mangop, according to a statement released Monday evening by the promoter, Everything New.

Campo Pichino has a capacity of 1,000 spectators, which is two-thirds of the space. The use of the mask for the entire period of the offer is mandatory.

As with the events that have occurred to this day, only people who live in Portugal, between the ages of 18 and 65 can participate.

The bystanders cannot belong to one of the high-risk groups identified by the DGS, they cannot have been infected in the last 90 days and must have a negative result from the antigen test for the presence of SARS-CoV – two.

Tickets can be purchased through the platform for € 2 – which included the price of the quick test – and the proceeds will go to União Audiovisual.

The third experimental test ceremony in Portugal, after the final phase of the downturn, will be held in Coimbra, on May 8th, with a permanent audience of 1,000 people who will have to present a negative antigen test.

The concert scheduled for Coimbra will be the first for 1,000 people to participate.

The first beta test took place on Thursday, in Braga, with a show starring comedian Fernando Rocha, which gathered 400 people (expected capacity), all with negative results.

The second event, with the musician Pedro Apronosa, took place on Friday in Braga with 400 people attending.

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