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COVID: 8 out of 10 teens did not get the second dose of the vaccine in DF

COVID: 8 out of 10 teens did not get the second dose of the vaccine in DF

In the Federal District, eight out of 10 adolescents have not yet taken the second dose of the vaccine against them COVID-19🇧🇷 The capital has 268,475 young adults between the ages of 12 and 17, 24.3% of whom did not receive their first vaccination against the disease, according to the Department of Health (SES-DF)🇧🇷

As of this past Monday (7/11), Volume had applied 65,319,000 booster shots in adolescents. Another 221,156 needs to complete the vaccination schedule, at a time when DF suffers from a large number of cases and the transmission rate of the new Corona virus, especially after The arrival of the new variant BQ.1.

For infectious disease specialist Ana Helena Germoglio, from a collective point of view, when someone chooses not to vaccinate against a disease, the causative agent remains in circulation. For society, this poses a risk of new infection, and can cause microorganisms to mutate and generate new forms of them – with unpredictable consequences.

Even if teens are a group that tends to develop mild forms of the disease, there are post-Covid, or long-term covid, and sequelae. Some of them can be very dangerous and cause inflammation in other organs, not just the lung,” the doctor warns.

The specialist notes that adolescents with post-virus health problems are increasingly prevalent, especially after contracting Covid-19. An infectious disease specialist remembers that the best strategy to escape the risk of serious sequelae is vaccination.

against the worst

According to the infection specialist’s diagnosis, in order for the federal district not to face a new period with crowded hospitals and an increase in the number of deaths from Covid-19, the SES-DF needs to actively seek out and convince those who have not yet been vaccinated. This audience about the importance of immunization.

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In the second phase, the volume needs to sensitize those who have not yet completed the course of the vaccine to take all available doses.

“We know that for this new variant we have to stimulate the immune system to produce more antibodies, because it can escape if production is low; [por isso,] An updated vaccine is important,” emphasizes Anna Helena.

high turnover

For infectious disease specialist Joanna Dark, low adolescent vaccination coverage is a risk for DF. 🇧🇷[Essa] It is a strategic census. many [adolescentes] It has not been vaccinated, and is widely spread in schools, [por] general environments. But a vaccinated person has less replication of the virus. She transmits it less and gets sick less,” the doctor continues.

In addition to the risk of complications if infected, Joanna considers that low vaccine coverage favors the emergence of variants, including those that are more resistant to vaccines. And this scenario The epidemic prolongs🇧🇷

Joana D’Arc also anticipates a trend of increased cases as the holiday season begins. Mainly because residents have put aside non-drug forms of protection, such as a mask.

We have seen an anti-vaccination movement in Brazil. This has hurt not only campaigns related to Covid-19, but also [em prol de] other vaccines. We are in danger of re-emerging diseases that have been controlled and even eliminated. It is necessary to resume the topic of awareness with regard to prevention,” he emphasizes.

For the infection specialist, the current moment of the epidemic requires each individual to re-evaluate the risks and preventive measures that must be adopted. Symptomatic patients or patients with health impairments should remain vigilant, wash their hands and continue to use the mask. “Be careful in your behavior to protect yourself and the group,” instructs Joana D’Arc.